Hostopia prepares to launch new facility in New Brunswick

Mon, 25th June 2007, 20:29 announced that it will be conducting a job fair, open to applicants interested in joining its planned Customer Interaction Centre, scheduled to open September, 2007. The high-growth Internet software and service company has confirmed its plans to open a customer interaction facility in a joint announcement with the Province of New Brunswick in Miramichi made earlier today.

Colin Campbell, Hostopia's CEO and COO states, "Hostopia's global Web services business demands high-calibre employees to staff our support operations. Hostopia is pleased to provide professional training to qualified applicants who will quickly become productive members of our service and support teams, currently located in Toronto and Nikolayev, Ukraine." Campbell adds, "Miramichi is a terrific location to house our newest support operation. Our extensive research into locations concluded that Miramichi offers a talented resource base of prospective employees, backed by a robust educational system and business infrastructure. We look forward to finding great new employees in the region and doing our part to help diversify the local economy in a true win-win partnership."

As Hostopia prepares for the opening of the new 20,000 square foot contact centre facility, it has announced immediate plans to interview, hire and train employees to be ready to work in time for the planned September operation opening.

Hostopia is a leading provider of web services that enable small- and medium-sized businesses to establish and maintain an Internet presence.

The company's customers are communication services providers, including telecommunication carriers, cable companies, internet service providers, domain registrars, and web hosting service providers. Hostopia's customers purchase their web services on a wholesale basis and resell these services under their own brands to small- and medium-sized businesses. The company provides customers with the technology, infrastructure, and support services to enable them to offer web services, while saving them research and development as well as capital and operating costs typically associated with the design, development, and delivery of web services.