What does $67K of web hosting get you.. If you're Newt, a major fail!

Mon, 6th February 2012, 17:19

A story in the Washington Post is reporting newly released campaign spending records that show Newt Gingrich’s campaign is now roughly only $600K in debt after earlier reporting deep debts and a long list of creditors. So one could ask, and rightfully so.. what does Newt's campaign have in common with a web hosting review site?

Interestingly enough, the campaign reportedly paid $67,000 to Gingrich Productions for web hosting and e-mail hosting. Gingrich Productions is led by Callista Gingrich.

Gingrich campaign adviser R.C. Hammond is quoted saying that Gingrich Productions was reimbursed for Web site and e-mail hosting and that no profit was made,” The records also show that $89,000 was paid to High Tech Win, the campaign’s Web site development firm. In an earlier report, it was stated that the Gingrich presidential campaign paid $8,400 to Gingrich Productions for the right to use the domain name, “”. It's unclear whether the $67K included the domain leasing.

Republicans are people also

In these tough economic times, individuals are weary of getting snafued by hidden fees and up charges. People would agree that 67K is some serious chump change for web hosting, HostJury almost has a civic duty to explore the numbers further. Its a number that begs to be explored!

A traceroute of the domain suggests that Gingrich Productions may be a reseller of SMARTech Corporation., the wikipedia style brainchild of The Center for Media and Democracy goes into great detail on the history of Smartech and the Republican establishment which includes hosting the convention in 04, as well as the Bush/Cheney websites.. all of which is outside the scope of this article. Suffice it to say a reseller account with “unlimited domains ” starts at $24.95 per month from HostGator.. There are also a number of reputable companies offering fully managed dedicated servers if you are particular about your neighbors! Sorry, HostJury doesn't track political affiliations :)

Trace the other frontrunner's to ensure an informed electorate.

Front runner Mitt Romney may be sitting on cloud nine but his website is being hosted on Amazon cloud hosting. The Ron Paul Revolution is powered by Tailor Made Servers out of Dallas.

While it may be unfair to measure website speeds without specifics like traffic metrics... we did using GTMetrix gets two A got an A and a C
-Sorry Newt, but that $89K website on Republican servers is only getting a dismal D and a C. You may want to review your web host on!


screenshot of comparision of GOP websites using GT Metrics