HostOnce... well maybe not!

Sun, 22nd July 2012, 16:14

HostOnce was “featured” along with a number of other companies, in a Hostjury post titled “Horrible web hosting providers reviewed”. The list garnered almost as much attention for web hosts not included, as for those that were. It appears many people felt that “their web hosting provider ” should surely also be endowed with such dubious honors and distinction as those presented!

HostOnce -- Not twice

HostOnce Reviews

In 2007, HostJury endeavored to present balance, focusing not only on HostOnce seemingly inept client support ratings, but also drawing attention that HostOnce was one of the few companies at that time, publicly offering 'charity' programs to allow you to pay your hosting while helping those with eating disorders. It appears that HostOnce continues to promote similar causes today, and again we say kudos to their efforts!

Recently, Jonathan reviewed HostOnce stating: 

Hostonce mail servers have been down for 2-3 weeks now and support has vanished. Not only do my e-mail addresses not work, none of their own e-mail addresses work (including support, info, billing, or any others) and there is no phone number to reach anyone. 

Things like this happen every year. 

One step in venting the validity of any web host review includes looking at the actual content written regarding the web host. I sent an email to sales@hostonce and a short while later I received notice that delivery was delayed... then delayed again, and again until finally it failed.

The HostOnce site allows a person to register a user name which I did as a zealous spam filter may have delegated my email to some basement level folder that is never accessed. More emails to sales, and billing.. more fail. I am unable to proceed beyond the status page in the support portal. It would appear that Jonathan was speaking from experience!

In 2007, HostOnce Review Score: 20%

Today, HostOnce gets an 8 for both uptime and support (from a possible 100.. not a 10). HostOnce does not actually make an appearance along with the bottom dwellers of reviewed hosts despite have lower average rating than some of the hosts that populate this list.

As the list is automated and based on reviews, possibly a carefully crafted and devised plan was hatched to drive away noisy and troublesome clients that write web hosting reviews. If true, it may have succeeded except for the requisite of more scrutiny with Jonathan's review!

On a more serious note, with the sales email not functioning there is little potential for new clients. The billing email down will complicate a meaningful conversation should a question, or dispute arise. And then there is support. If the reviews from cira 2007 are any indication, clients of HostOnce should have little noticeable change..

Draw your own conclusions!


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