GoDaddy decides removing Java is best for clients!

Wed, 26th September 2012, 12:32

GoDaddy has announced that effective November 2, 2012, Java (not JavaScript) will no longer be available on servers. In a short statement posted in their support forums, GoDaddy states: 

“Quite frankly, customers using Java deserve more flexibility than what we offer in a shared hosting environment.  

Clients running JavaScript on their website will not have an issue. The change is most likely to affect developers who utilize a Java framework. GoDaddy recommends clients requiring Java should consider moving their site(s) to Virtual Private Server (VPS) or Dedicated Hosting, before November 2, 2012.

The ability to install Java (or any other script) on a Virtual Private Server or dedicated server does make them viable options. Still neither will offer the simplicity of use, or the cost effectiveness of a shared hosting environment. Unless a user opts for the more expensive managed plan, both VPS and Dedicated Servers require the client to install, update, and troubleshoot their own scripts,  as well as monitor security.

GoDaddy also states: 

“Shared hosting is not ideal for Java Enterprise hosting because multiple customers share the same services powering Java.” 

While true that using a dedicated server setup ensures you are not sharing the server resources with everyone else in the neighborhood, the same can not be said regarding Virtual Private Servers. VPS users may be better isolated from the other users on the server but they are still on the same server. Users are limited by the overall server resources similar to a shared hosting configuration.

And like shared hosting, many web hosting providers have chosen to maximize their returns by overselling their services!

For clients affected by GoDaddy decision on your behalf.. HostJury offers a few suggestions of providers continuing to offer Java shared hosting.


JavaPipe Hosting



link to Online Cares shared Java web hosting 



HostJury contacted 4Java and they have not responded. You may want to check the reviews on this one prior to making a plunge!   

For those willing to make the jump...

GoDaddy's Dedicated or VPS 

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