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Thu, 11th October 2012, 16:32

It’s not often that HostJury ventures into the political sphere (just kidding.. we do it every chance we get), but with the election less than a month away and the latest polls casting the two front runners in a virtual dead heat, HostJury decided that knowledge is power.  As with our web hosting reviews, HostJury doesn't want to give you our opinionated view of who should be president... but there was a consensus that undecided voters, teetering on the edge in either direction, could derive some beneficial purpose from a review of each camp’s use of technology in seeking this most coveted and distinguished office... from a neutral perspective of course!

The Candidates on Twitter 

@BarackObama has made 6676 Tweets - has 671,934 Following - 20,742,023 Followers

@MittRomney has made 1,229 tweets - has 273 Following - 1,342,621 Followers


Ouch.. onward to smart phones!

Barack Obama & Mitt Romney both have APPs for iPhone and Android.

poll published on Polititico found 49 percent of iPhone and Android owners plan to support President Barack compared with just 31 percent for Mitt.

Romney, however does overtake Obama 57 percent to 34 percent among retired iPhone and Android users.

Why were BlackBerry users not included in the survey? In further grim news for Research in Motion...  

Seriously, when first elected it was stated that that Barack could keep his beloved BlackBerry with him in the White House for personal use!

There is no word on Mitt’s preference in a phone.

screenshot of the Obama Biden website 

First registered in 2001 by Chris Rabb using Network Solutions as a registrar, the registered owner changed to Obama for Illinois in 2004. has transitioned through a number web hosting companies over the years including DreamHost, Carpathiahost, and GoDaddy. In August of this year, the domain was switched onto  Amazon Web Services (AWS)nameservers. is presently renewed using GoDaddy, and is not up for renewal again until 28-Dec-15. 

Screenshot of Mitt Romney & Ryan website 

First registered in 2002 by Edream Design out of Utah using GoDaddy, the domain's registered owner was changed to the Romney Committee (from Massachusetts) in late 2005. Although the domain continued to be renewed using GoDaddy, in 2011 the registered owner was privatized and the whois now shows Domains By Proxy. For all the domain squatters out there, this domain is set to expire on 08-Feb-13.

It’s purely speculative but...

Registered through:, LLC

Created on: 14-Oct-08
Expires on: 14-Oct-13
Last Updated on: 15-Aug-11

Domains By Proxy, LLC web hosting is presently on Akamai Technologies. has been hosted on both RackSpace and GoDaddy servers in the past.


The Websites

HostJury ran a comparison report of the front runners websites using GTmetrix and Mitt could clearly have an edge... vs a comparison report using GTmetrix

(click image to view report in new window)

Then again, depending on a reader’s objectivity, some may conclude the foregoing site load speeds are evidence that Obama has more substance. Perhaps so. Many others would contend that the quantum of evidence to this point has remained quite balanced.


The accessibility factor

HostJury's final analysis produced a strikingly unforeseen riposte particularly when considered in the context of statements alluding to the exclusion of 47% of the American population that have been attributed to Mitt.

First, using  the free web accessibility evaluation tool Wave provided by WebAIM, we detected six accessibility errors.

ACchecker is another tool that checks pages for conformance with accessibility standards and ensure the content can be accessed by everyone...

Source URL:
Source Title: Barack Obama
Accessibility Review (Guidelines: WCAG 2.0 (Level AA))
Report on known problems (43 found)
Report on potential problems (582 found)

WAVE did detect three accessibility errors.

Using ACchecker:
Source URL:
Accessibility Review (Guidelines: WCAG 2.0 (Level AA))
Report on known problems (0 found):
Congratulations! No known problems.

There you have it. Regardless of your choice... Get out and vote!

The information provided by HostJury has been given so that you the user, has the  ability to recommend and review your choice for president based on the candidate's proper use of technology. The foregoing information should not be considered the ONLY source of information that you base your choice on!

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