GoDaddy Suspends Domains on Request

Fri, 26th January 2007, 20:16

In what is widely being touted as a massive over-reaction, GoDaddy suspended one of their client's domains earlier this week - Fyodor Vaskovich awoke on Wednesday with his domain suspended entirely without warning. Fyodor, creator of the popular NMAP security scanner was surprised to find his site completely down as a result of the suspension.

The domain in question - - is a popular mailing list archive site that hosts over 250,000 pages of content. GoDaddy received demands from MySpace to remove the content due to several of the pages containing user account details for MySpace. GoDaddy promptly complied - and removed access to the domain.

Fyodor posted a lengthy statement regarding the situation on the site after it returned to service:

"I called GoDaddy several times, and all three support people I spoke with said that the abuse department doesn't take calls. They said I had email (which I had already done 3 times) and that I could then expect a response "within 1 or two business days". Given that tens of thousands of people use SecLists.Org every day, I didn't take that well."

GoDaddy which claims to have more than 17.3 million domains under it's management, states that it holds it's self-proclaimed #1 spot by "delivering the highest quality customer service, and by always appreciating and listening to its customers!" ... (!).