Ongoing roundup of deadpooled web host!

Mon, 29th October 2012, 13:04

For many defunct web hosts all that remains is a quiet and less than dignified burial in the HostJury deadpool. Some web hosts notify their clients of impending changes in a responsible manner and made arrangement for the orderly transfer of clients to another web hosting company. Some just slip quietly away. Then there are the web hosting companies whose demise just makes the world a little bit brighter...


Image of mice taking the dead cat to a funeral 

So without further adieu, the most recent additions to the HostJury deadpool...


New Business Hosting 

From the New Business company description: 

New Business Hosting set out to identify the problems with the existing systems and where clients can fall through the cracks. New Business Hosting started building their new Web Hosting model until they felt they had identified the majority of issues and implemented solutions to correct them. In May of 2010, New Business Hosting was launched... 

Obviously they missed one criteria for a successful business model.. clients need to be able to contact you! 



ReadySetConnect has also used the domain.  The web site is no longer available and a forum post says it all: 

Have been hosted by ReadySetConnect/AlteraHosting since 1998 and had pretty good service early on although it has degraded over time. Recently our website went "Account Suspended". We received no notice, in fact hadn't heard from them for over a year. Have left emergency/critical support tickets for both the billing and technical support three weeks ago but haven't received a response. The phone is an answering machine and they have not replied. The BBB currently gives them a rating of F.


SEO Hosting Services

Seo Hosting Services described their hosting plans as including different features which may included a free dedicated IPs, shared and private SSL certificates, unlimited disk space and bandwidth, $100 in Google AdWords credits, website statistics, addons, your own 800 number, instant blogs and forums, and outstanding customer service and technical support. 45 day money back guarantee! Pay month-to-month, no long term contracts.

Unlimited disk space and bandwidth.. you don't say! Regardless, one would think a company with SEO in its name would be easier to find on the web!



RackVibe was also known as JustEdge Networks ...   On Sept 4, Zalutao asked the million dollar question: “Does anyone know what’s with rackvibe? My server is down, their site is unresponsive?”

Ask no more!



SpecHosting described themselves as having "Radical Personalized Support"

Our CEO is always willing to personally assist you, as well as our entire SpecHosting Team. We believe in providing the absolute best personalized support possible! Our friendly and knowledgeable support team is here to serve you, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week!

In an Interview given earlier, Tanner Bradley shared some insight into Spechosting:

Q: What do you think it takes to be successful as a web host?

A: A connection with the customers. It truly takes cutting edge hardware, great support, and a personality that is easily likeable.

Q: What motivates you?

A: My customers. The main goal of SpecHosting is PROGRESS. We want to offer you more utilities for your day to day business.

@SpecHosting last tweeted on Sept 21

For now Spec is down but Tanner Bradley is young (not the kiddie host kind of young, but young).. Its a good domain name for a web hosting entity and there does appear to be a focus on the client's needs. I’m not so sure that SpecHosting won’t resurrect itself in some form or another. 



Bing could not find

Additional suggestions:
Search on Google

Conceived in 2001, and started in 2002, with a domain registered in 2003.

Layerblue described itself as company that was established with only the customer in mind.  After  working for some other (editor note: they really meant to say .. evil) prominent hosting companies, the Layerblue team has found that the customers needs were being overlooked on too many occasions.

Profits were put before servicing the customer which is a practice that looks great on paper for the accountants, but doesn't help for customer retention. It is Layerblue's belief that the customer really should come first...

I not sure about anybody else but when I read that its hard not to have a Jon Stewart speechless moment .. Making sure you turn a profit is key to customer retention!

While most of the Layerblue TLDs are still registered, only the has an active website. The website, a holding page for 1 & 1 INTERNET states:


It appears that  there may be a lack of consensus around the definition of the word just... just last week - just last month - just last year... maybe. A domain registered in 2002 is not just anything!

created: 27-Dec-2002
owner: Private Registration and appears to have different owners.



The company description included this sentence along with another couple of typos:  

MyWebsHost provide you with Unmtered bandwidth.

Possibly that 's' in the domain was just a spelling error also.

Whether by design or by accident, the domain redirects to a domain holding page. I am sure that another web hosting company, My Web Host  is happy to see them gone!



Another typo perhaps?

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