Brand confusion: Giga-International transforms to Contabo

Thu, 3rd January 2013, 14:14

Munich based web hosting provider Giga-International has announced that the company has officially rebranded and will operate under the new company name Contabo GmbH. The name morph is just the first step for a global expansion that Contabo has in mind the announcement stated..

According to the hosting provider there are several reasons for this new company name change. Unlike its former name, the trademark Contabo is protected on an international level. Michael Bölke, CEO of Contabo GmbH states: 

The new name Contabo will represent us globally in the future. It fits to our business in many ways. For example, one possible interpretation of Contabo, standing for “content across borders”, could be the international orientation of our company which operates worldwide. 

The focus of Contabo does not change. The new company name is nothing but a continuance of our previous company name, Giga-International. Our customers can still rely on the quality and top service level they are used to. The company, the staff, the managing directors and owners, the data center, the technical features, the goals and the high level of service. Everything remains just the same.” 

It appears for clients, the only inconvience they can expect to experience is having to type the shorter URL as opposed to the longer

Brand Confusion or lack of imagination?

While the domain was created in September of 2005, a number of other web hosting firms also use dirivatives to identify their brand.  GigaPros out of Long Beach, California registered GigaPros.come in March of 2008.

Meanwhile, across the pond, hailing from Milton Keynes in the UK was created in December of 2006.

Latecomer and new kid on the block Gigapulse is a web host from India that registered the domain in September of 2012. While their website is still under construction, they do claim "they will be up and running soon to fulfill all your hosting needs"

Prior to them all, out of Arlington Heights, Illinos formed their web hosting enity in April of 2004.

The old domain will redirect to the rebranded Meanwhile on twitter, roberto contarini’s @contabo tweets about some pretty cool fringe bands looking to leave their mark on pop culture!

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