Deadwood Hosts land in HostJury dead pool

Thu, 17th January 2013, 21:07

Tastes funny

At New Year, people are always pledging to try harder and do better. Yet for most the resolutions are short lived, and life soon returns to the drudgery of normal. Henry Ford knew many failures yet he said “Failure is simply the opportunity to begin again, this time more intelligently”.  Many web hosting companies also resolve to try harder and do better. But success is not final, nor is failure fatal. Rather it is the courage to continue that counts.  New years is also a time to reflect and remember past acquaintances.  The HostJury dead pool is a memorial of sorts.. for those web hosts who pass!


Cheap Website Hosting

Screenshot of website from dufunct web hosting company Cheap Website Hosting 

Maybe it’s just the name of this web host, but an old adage comes to mind. You can have good, fast, or cheap. Pick two. The company described itself as Cheap Website Hosting website hosting plans designed with premium features at affordable prices.
Maybe fast wasn’t even an option. The privacy whois is enabled on the domain. Never a good sign with a web hosting company.



Screenshot of website from web hosting company Barber-Hosting

This one is not technically dead. It’s merely “undergoing a lot of changes”. Like a caterpillar morphing into a butterfly, the reincarnated Barber-Hosting will be a new company sporting a new name. An amazing IT company dedicated.. to you. 

Stay tuned. Barber-hosting is expected to rebirth in 51 weeks, 23 hours, 50 minutes, and 33 seconds. (at the time of writing)



cPanelHosting team consisted of a well rounded group of individuals that shared the same passion for web hosting and always delivered quality services at the lowest possible price. was established more than a decade ago in Florida before moving to Ohio where cPanelHosting now reside...

Actually the the HostJury dead-pool is a virtual Hades that looks nothing like the State of Ohio although some argumentative types may feel otherwise.


DJ-Hosting should not be confused with D-J Hosting dot com or D-J Hosting dot net. How about DJ Hosting dot net.  Note to domain squatters everywhere: The domain is now available to register



Generic Domain parking page with pretty girl wearing a backpack

The people at 720Leap  were ready to launch out with a whole new 720Leap. The same great company, the same great people, a whole new look! Not sure the new look will attract the right clientele

C I Host

Screenshot of website from dufunct web hosting company C I Host


Where does one even start with C I Host...

A few years back, C I Host had their collocation facility situated in a less than ideal part of Chicago. After a period of extended downtime they finally came clean and admitted the servers were taken in a robbery... again! At the time, management argued that people were erroneously claiming that this was the fourth robbery at their facility. A spokesperson for the company used media sources to clarify that C I Host had only been robbed twice. The other two occasions had been break and enters. Splitting hairs some may say, and many clients did so with their feet. They sought solace with other web hosts.

In 2009, C I Host announced it had sold its shared web hosting business to X7 Hosting,  a web hosting provider operated by Hostopia.  According to the press release, the sale allowed CI Host and its sidekick Cassiopeia Internet to “focus on their managed, dedicated and collocation hosting for their mid and large market enterprise customers while ensuring improved services for the accounts to be acquired by X7 Hosting.”

Then in 2010 Cassiopeia Internet announced it was launching the Constellate brand to connect dedicated server, collocation and managed services customers in the Dallas region and beyond.

In 2013, C I Host, Cassiopeia Internet, and Constellate are no longer resolving. Many could argue this is a sign of progress.



Screenshot of website from dufunct web hosting company


HostJury wrote about this last May, but in summary, dotNet-Host got hacked, clients lost data, and the monies paid in advance for web hosting. Along with the anxiety, dotNet-host
clients faced a number of obstacles to regain control of their domain names.  While the dotNet-host domain does still resolve to a server error page, it is unlikely they will be back. The privacy who-is is enabled on the domain. Never a good sign with a web hosting company.

Those unfortunate enough to be clients, yearn for dotNet-host to have a special place in HostJury Hades.


Senta Hosting

Screenshot of website from dufunct web hosting company Senta Hosting

Senta Hosting first opened its doors in October 2011. Their objective, to provide cheap yet reliable hosting to users who do not want to, or cannot afford the cost of website hosting.

Not exactly a great business model unless you're independently wealthy.


Lush Technologies

Marketed as a green company promising “Lush's efficiency strategy helps customers lower their carbon footprints” ... to zero. Like Lush's rating on HostJury for uptime and support!

Lush Tech resolves to a parked page courtesy of GoDaddy.


Upscale Host

The Upscale dedicated server provider that offered economical servers with large bandwidth allotment along with great technical support from Canada no longer has a website. It’s never promising when a tech company takes down their website and enables the privacy whois on their domain.



Resolving to a parked landing page is a pretty good indication that the web hosting company is in transition. Move along as there’s nothing left to see here.


Wicks Hosting

Another parked page for the domain!


Where you find yourself tomorrow is a function of the decisions and actions you take today. As the list of defunct web hosting companies attest: Choose wisely! 

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