FiberNet Announces Data Center Enhancement at Colocation Facility

Fri, 10th August 2007, 13:58

NEW YORK – August 8, 2007 – FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. (NASDAQ: FTGX), a leading provider of complex interconnection services, today announced that it will convert 8,000 square feet of currently unoccupied colocation space at its 165 Halsey Street location in Newark, New Jersey, into an Internet- grade facility. This conversion will include a power upgrade that will increase available capacity to 150 watts per square foot for data center customers.

“We are pleased to announce this latest enhancement to our colocation business,” said Jon A. DeLuca, President and CEO. “Our facility at 165 Halsey Street has been a great success, and this project will continue to drive our growth in this area.”

The enhanced space will be fully integrated with all of FiberNet’s other colocation facilities and data centers, including the 60 Hudson Street Meet-Me-Room, via its metropolitan optical networks and will deliver FiberNet’s full suite of transport and interconnection services. This Internet-grade space will also meet the requirements for power and cooling that are paramount for today’s data centers and Internet exchanges.

It is expected to be fully operational in the fourth quarter of this year. FiberNet intends to fund the development of this facility with existing cash, internally generated cash flows and availability under its credit facility. FiberNet will provide additional information with the release of its second quarter results.

About FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc.

FiberNet Telecom Group, Inc. owns and operates integrated interconnection facilities and diverse transport routes in the two gateway markets of New York/New Jersey and Los Angeles, designed to provide comprehensive broadband interconnectivity enabling the exchange of traffic over multiple networks. FiberNet’s customized connectivity infrastructure provides an advanced, high bandwidth, fiber-optic solution to support the demand for network capacity and to facilitate the interconnection of multiple carriers’ and customers’ networks. For additional information about FiberNet, visit the company’s website at