Signetique JumpQ for Dedicated & Cloud Clients. What about everyone else?

Fri, 1st March 2013, 13:18

Signetique Has Announced  JumpQ Priority Support for Dedicated and Cloud Hosting Customers

In a press release, Singapore web host Signetique has announced a new priority technical support service that is available free of charge to its dedicated and cloud hosting customers. Kenneth Tan, COO Signetique states “The service is believed to be a first in the Singapore web hosting scene”

Continuing, Tan states:  

JumpQ” is a red carpet technical support service where Signetique's premium hosting customers can expect to be served quickly and issues resolved up to 50 percent faster. 

JumpQ reflects Signetique's commitment to its growing and diversified global customer base. With JumpQ, Signetique's customers can choose to call in on a dedicated phone number, raise a support ticket on a dedicated queue or simply use its online web chat service 24/7. 

Through our frequent engagements with customers, we have noted that while the issues faced by our dedicated and cloud server customers are minimal, they expect a lot more from us and want to be served in the snap of a finger, so to speak, and rightly so too. After months of planning, we are pleased to launch JumpQ, the industry-leading hosting support service. We have created an exclusive team of engineers focused on the needs of our dedicated and cloud hosting customers. As the name suggests, with JumpQ, our customers can expect to be served quickly and have any issues addressed and resolved within a much shorter time frame. 

Recent industry studies have shown that hosting customers' needs have changed. Today's servers may be part of a virtualized or cloud environment, resulting in a greater level of complexity. Customers may also require a more streamlined support when issues arise,” said Raymond Tan, CEO Signetique. “JumpQ addresses that need as our engineers are qualified not only to resolve the server problems encountered, they are able to do so with greater insights as they are trained to offer personalized service to our customers.  

So just how does JumpQ work

A customer contacts Signetique via a dedicated JumpQ phone line, raise a JumpQ support ticket or simply write via the web chat client. Signetique's exclusive Priority Support Team will offer a suggestion and respond to the customer within 30 minutes. If the issues encountered by the customer is of a more severe nature, Signetique pledges to resolve the problem within 4 hours.

For web hosting clients everywhere, any announcement of improved services or faster resolution to issues that arise is always good news. Good news or not, the announcement raises some valid observations.

JumpQ is expected to resolve issues up to 50 percent faster.  The “Exclusive Priority Support Team” will respond to the customer within 30 minutes. Sorry but responding to a customer in 30 minutes is not exactly ground breaking. Numerous web hosting companies have built their reputations on minutes, not half hour increments.

The bigger question raised in the press release is the implications for client of Signetique not utilizing their dedicated servers or cloud hosting services. Allowing clients to jump the cue, runs a risk of coming at the expense of other clients submitting support tickets. A degradation of support responsiveness and/or longer wait times for customers utilizing VPS or shared hosting environments are distinct possibilities.

Comparision of Signetique shared hosting plans

As can be seen, (well it would be if there was a decent screenshot), the monthly costs with Signetique shared hosting plans are comparable, (if not higher), than many prices offered by other web hosting companies. Price are only one small factor to be considered though. Regardless of the industry, companies implement improvements to customer service either to:

- Quell criticism
- Remain competitive
- Retain customers
- Increase their market share.

The press release does suggests Signetique may be doing all four.. at least for their dedicated server and cloud hosting clients. Kudos on that. Only time will tell who pays the price for the improved service.

About Signetique

Signetique is one of the largest Singapore-based web hosting providers. It provides shared, virtual and dedicated hosting services and maintains facilities in Singapore, Malaysia, New Zealand, Taiwan, China and Japan. Customers requiring a one-stop Asia Pacific hosting solution can do so through their Singapore sales office. It pioneered the sub $100 dedicated hosting solution in Singapore and continues to provide cost-effective hosting solutions to its customers. Apart from providing standard dedicated server solutions, Signetique also allows complete customization of its servers that encompasses redundancy, high availability, disaster recovery and enterprise email hosting solutions. Signetique's customer profile ranges from small local businesses to multi-nationals and has been in the business for over 15 years.

Clients of Signetique can review their experinces here.

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