Accelerated WordPress anyone. VPS.NET partners with W3 EDGE

Fri, 1st March 2013, 14:17

VPS.NET has announced that they have partnership with W3 EDGE and will include their WordPress performance framework, WP Total Cache, inside its WordPress cloud application installation.

Hosted on their well-known cloud platform, VPS.NET has taken the reins for their WordPress hosting customers by integrating their WordPress hosting stack with WP Total Cache to make it one of the fastest and most reliable out-of-the-box solutions on the market today. Put simply, WordPress performance takes on a whole new meaning.

Rus Foster, the cloud product manager for VPS.NET states: 

Partnering with the expertise of W3 EDGE, and including WP Total Cache in our WordPress application stack will make WordPress performance typically known only to large enterprises a reality to everyone. WP Total Cache effectively reduces the amount of resources required for WordPress and increases performance substantially. Adding it to our optimized WordPress installation is a natural progression toward a faster and more reliable website experience.

Since 2003 W3 EDGE has consulted startups and well known brands including Yahoo!, Sony, Smashing Magazine, Mashable and many others. While their projects usually include WordPress configuration and optimization, one of their largest contributions to the Wordpress community has been the web performance optimization framework plugin W3 Total Cache.

W3 Total Cache is considered one of the fastest and most complete WordPress performance optimization framework. It improves website performance by more than ten times through caching every aspect of the sites with which it is installed.

Frederick Townes, the founder and CEO of W3 EDGE adds:

W3 EDGE has a singular goal to increase the competitive advantage of those with whom we work. Partnering with VPS.NET delivers a mutually beneficial opportunity for the entire WordPress community to innovate and accelerate the platform. I don’t know a developer or business who couldn’t use more time to do what they do best; VPS.NET’s optimized WordPress installation makes getting more time a reality.


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