PlanetHoster deploys Noction Intelligent Routing Platform

Thu, 14th March 2013, 16:20

PlanetHoster, a Paris and Montreal based web hosting provider for Dedicated Servers, Shared Hosting and Reseller Hosting services, has announced the deployment of Noction Intelligent Routing Platform (IRP) in what they call a” response to a rapidly growing client base and an ever-expanding need for further scalability”.

To handle route optimization through its multiple IP connections, PlanetHoster has deployed Noction IRP -- a route analysis and optimization system used to ensure efficient packet delivery from PlanetHoster's networks. IRP accomplishes that by choosing the route with optimal loss and latency metrics. The system enables PlanetHoster to proactively reroute congestion and outages, evaluate overall performance and dynamically modify network paths in order to attain maximum network performance. The process is now completely automated excluding the need for constant manual intervention as was previously needed. (editor’s note.. the relatively old adage comes to mind...  to err is really screw it up you need a computer)

PlanetHoster CTO Saber Bariz commenting on the change says:

We noticed great performance and latency improvements in our multi-homed network. Thanks to IRP our BGP optimization processes are now fully automated, allowing our staff to spend less time on manual maintenance, while focusing more on strategic management and growth of our network infrastructure.

PlanetHoster is not the first to deploy this technology. Late last year, dedicated servers provider GorillaServers, and cloud hoster Enzu out of L.A. also deployed Noction IRP.

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