So the dedicated server market sucks... but its great for consumers!

Fri, 15th March 2013, 21:27

A recent report found that the austerity measures in Europe over the past several years are taking its toll on the server makers of the world.  According to the report from IDC, compared to 2011, server shipments in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa (EMEA) were collectively down 11.1% in the fourth quarter ended in December, to 569,000 units. This rate of decline was slightly softer than in the previous quarter when revenue was down 10.4%. In the context of seasonality factors — the last quarter of the year has historically been the strongest for legacy sales. 

The x86 server segment remained the main growth engine, with revenue of $2.6 billion, down 4.9% annually and equivalent to 68.7% of the total market (a decline in market share from the previous quarter, when x86 systems reached 76.4% of the total server value market in EMEA). Industry standard servers also suffered a decline in volumes, with shipments down 10.8% annually. 

The picture for the full 2012 was nevertheless negative, with a 10% yearly decline in dollars and -3% in euros. Volumes remained under considerable pressure in 2012, down 7% yearly, as consolidation and macroeconomic factors took their toll. If one compares that to the slower, but still slightly positive growth in compute capacity during the past year, it appears clear that datacenters are really learning how to do more with less. 

Giorgio Nebuloni, research manager, Enterprise Server Group, IDC EMEA 

Of course another scenario possibly overlooked by the report is a growing trend by server manufacturers to bypass traditional server vendors (you know, the guys who markup the price for just putting their brandname on the box) and directly marketing to the end users.. the web hosting companies.. but that's another story.


So it suxs to be them

Marketing servers hardware in a global economy may be getting more competitive, but that can also mean companies, and their sale staff may be incentivized to sweeten offerings to meet quotas and market targets. For the average joe/jane doe consumer of goods, this mean there are dedicated server deals to be had... and its a buyer's market!


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SingleHop : Data Center Outlet. Servers 30% Off.

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