Surpass Hosting employees post fake reviews

Tue, 28th August 2007, 16:35

The latest company to decide to post fake reviews on HostJury is none other than Surpass Hosting, owned & operated by HostDime in Florida.

For the past few days I've been removing a large number of their reviews that seemed questionable. They were all being referred to the site via private messages on MySpace, we expected the worst. Sure enough, one of their employees slipped up on the latest one.

Oops. Surpass Hosting shouldn't post fraudulent reviews on sites, it makes us sad at HostJury. So much for ethics! There are far too many providers out there with a lack of ethics already, we don't need another one!

Here's a few screenshots of the many fake reviews that have been posted:

Surpass Hosting Fraud

Surpass Hosting Fraud

They're not the first, of course. Surpass Hosting joins the ranks of HiVelocity, IPowerWeb & countless other providers who have decided to take it upon themselves to post fake reviews on HostJury. Fraud isn't a joke and should be taken into account if you're considering an account with companies like these.

Please note that 'dimenoc' is the internal network for HostDime, the company that owns & operates Surpass Hosting. is their internal network from which the fake reviews were posted.

Located in Orlando, Florida, Surpass Hosting, LLC is a member of the HostDime family of web hosting companies. Our combined efforts have allowed us to launch two data centers in Central Florida. Surpass services over 100,000 websites adding approximately 300 more per week. June of 2007 will mark our fifth year of providing exceptional hosting for personal sites to high traffic portals. We are a fast growing company and one that you will always be able to count on.