JavaPipe’s John Larsen: The Company, Java Hosting, MineCraft & More

Thu, 3rd October 2013, 15:38

JavaPipe is a well-respected company in the not inconsiderable niche of- what else, Java Hosting. We thought the readers of HostJury might just find a closer look at a company dedicated to doing a few things and doing them well. After over a decade of continuous service, JavaPipe’s John Larsen is with us to answer a few questions about the company and what makes it all tick.

Q) What brought JavaPipe together? Originally it was an animation service- was there a specific moment at which the transition to hosting solution took place?

It was organic really. We brought the company online to offer our services. Then our customers and their friends started asking us to build and host their websites. Already collocated, we met the demand. What’s really cool is we still retain customers who signed up in 2001. They’ve been with us for 13 years now.

Q) After settling on hosting solutions, how has JavaPipe progressed, historically speaking? Where do you see the company headed as of now?

It’s not that we settled on hosting. It’s that our team developed a passion for the webhosting industry and that passion continues today. Now and to the future - we will always learn, advance, and introduce innovative techniques.

For example, we continually improve our Tomcat solution. Our users share a pool of resources while operating from a dedicated Tomcat container and their own JVM space. Now we are taking it a step further and moving our Tomcat solution to the Cloud. Better. Faster. Stronger. More resilient than ever.

Q) For those not in the know, what exactly is the difference between hosting and ‘java hosting’? Any specific challenges the latter brings?

Consider JavaPipe and Java boutique. It’s one of our specialties. We’ve made it simple and streamlined. While Java hosting is available to everyone, most of our clients have developed their application in Java and require our hosting. In fact, Java is a top choice of Fortune 500 companies.

Q) A big part of your service is your DDoS mitigation. Could you tell us what makes JavaPipe’s DDoS mitigation better than its competitors?

Although competition is beneficial and can drive innovation, I'd like to highlight the value our DDoS solutions offer the customer: 

  • We are always learning, advancing, and introducing innovative techniques to mitigate DDoS attacks
  • Our network will grow with our customer base and continue to become more resilient
  • When effective, we leverage our own wholly owned DDoS mitigation hardware. We even provide tailored DDoS protection on a per customer basis and  application basis (e.g. websites, minecraft, game servers).
  • It is our goal to stay ahead of the attacks. To provide powerful protection and superior support to our customers. 

Q) At HostJury we like to look at the ups and downs of the webhosting game. What were some of the mistakes you feel the company has encountered in its thirteen years of operations?

Although the saying was known, many years ago we learned that you really do get what you pay for. We recommend that web hosting providers do not go cheap on hardware. Most likely they’ll end up paying for it later. It also helps to develop a structured maintenance schedule and tend to maintenance ahead of failure e.g. battery updates on controllers.

Q) JavaPipe currently offers services to Minecraft server hosts, from hosting to DDoS mitigation. Is Minecraft a special instance, or is gaming a direction in which the company would like to expand?

MineCraft is a popular game and increasingly prone to DDoS attacks. We’ve developed a solution that enables better performance and control. Each of our customers can manage their own protection, easily, from GuardPanel. All of their protection products are in one place, on demand. For Minecraft, our panel offers exclusive features like the ability to view a player's IP address or even ban them altogether.

Q) What would you say it takes to be successful as a web host?

Constantly think about how you could be doing things better and questioning yourself.

Q) What accomplishments has JavaPipe achieved that you are most proud of?

Two accomplishments, that are really one.
Progress: learning, advancing, and introducing innovative techniques.
Retention: providing solutions for clients that have been with us for years, and years to come.


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JavaPipe LLC an internet business solutions company. Built by a very experienced team of Java application engineers to provide development teams with scalable and affordable Java hosting services. This has allowed us to provide our clients with the tools necessary to run Java applications on the internet.


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