Hulk Hogan Jumps Into WebHosting Fray: Hostamania

Sat, 5th October 2013, 13:31

GoDaddy’s attempts at transmogrification of the company image shaped by founder Bob Parsons may be having unintended consequences. Although it’s purely speculative on my part, it appears the new GoDaddy ad campaign is attempting to portrays a more wholesome image for the company which is intent on wooing the ladies that possibly felt alienated by years of sexy, scantily clad GoDaddy girls prominently featured in past advertisements. Again its only conjecture, but possibly the company execs opted for a more mature Jean-Claude Van Damme as a reflection of the more grown up, mature GoDaddy. They should have gone with a stud!

It appears those highly suspect videos of Jean-Claude Van Damme banging bongos while suspended in the most unnatural position, may have convinced another icon of the entertainment world that it 'was go time'. Hulk Hogan, with all the gusto only a professional wrestler can muster has announced that he had beaten the Iron Sheik and Andre the Giant in the ring, and now he’s taking his quest for glory to the internet.


Image from GoDaddy commercial shows Jean-Claude Van Damme in the cooler doing the splits while playing a flute
 Some of you might think that I’m not really planning to take over the web hosting industry. Wrong – I’m as serious as a heart attack, brother. I’m coming for you, silly hosting spokesmen – I’ve got your precious flute, and if you want it back, you’re going to have to meet me in the ring! HH


Hulk Hogan says “Setting up a website has never been easy, and low quality hosting companies think they can run wild and overcharge you. Those days are over - I'm stepping in to the web hosting ring, and I'm getting ready to leg drop the competition.” 

The new company Hostamania is a partnership between Hulk Hogan and Tech Assets. Tech Assets have a number of brands which include JumplineServFarm, SimpleHost, and WebIntellects. Hostamania is expected to offer cloud hosting and domain name registration services.

While tough talk of "trading python for servers" may have some psychological impact on Hulk's opponents, a clean takedown is anything but guaranteed. Testing the Hostamania website with GTMetrix scores a solid A for speed, but the rating is sandbagged by a domain whois swerve. is running on Amazon Web Services(AWS). Hulk Hosting is expected to launch later this month and Hostamania fans will be able review and share their experiences here.


Hostamania is a division of Tech Assets. With over 15 years in the website hosting industry, Tech Assets, Inc. hosts over 120,000 websites. Tech Assets, Inc. has offices in Columbus, Ohio; St. Petersburg, Fla.; and San Diego, Calif.

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