Webhosting Churnalism Roundup for 11/15/13

Fri, 15th November 2013, 11:16

HostJury aims to make those press releases interesting! Read on... 


Cyber Host Pro

The Liverpool based webhosting firm CYBERHostPro announced it has won the 2013 Merseyside Independent Business Award for Best Technology Business. Every year Merseyside hosts their very own little prestigious events that see small independent businesses being awarded recognition for their exceptional services.

The press release states the leading UK hosting company was delighted to have been nominated for this year’s 2013 award which saw over 100 nominations.

The competition was fierce, and it was difficult for the panel of judges to pick a winner from the significant number of nominations made. However, Cyber Host Pro was judged to be clear winner, and they dedicated their win to the hard work of its staff.



Easyspace, one of the UK’s largest domain name registrars and web hosting companies, has announced a 25% discount for customers buying the most popular domain for businesses in the UK and  customers who buy a domain name before midnight on 24 November 2013 will be entitled to 25% off web hosting for two years. The promo code UKHOST25 must be used at checkout.

According to Nominet, the registry for .UK domain names, research shows that 4 in 5 people searching online in the UK prefer websites.

Editors note: So despite Nominet’s own research, they continue to promote the ill-thought-out unwanted money-grab dot UK extension primarily as a knee jerk reaction to the "dilution" of TLD namespaces from the impending 1500 new tlds, combined with the lack of control over the existing second level of .uk… just saying :)



Dropbox introduced their Dropbox for Business to help companies work smarter. Then they discovered a new challenge for businesses and users. On one hand, people wanted to access their personal stuff at work; meanwhile, IT admins wanted to keep company data separate and free of personal files. (editor’s note: It may be the employees significant others who are wary of those micro managing boss types snooping around those personal snapshots!.. back to the Churnalism) Both needs were real, but people had to choose between two Dropboxes.

So Dropbox thought about this from scratch and designed a solution they’re excited to share: connecting your personal Dropbox to your Dropbox for Business account. This’ll give you a personal Dropbox and a work Dropbox on all of your devices so you’ll never have to choose between them. It’ll be like having your house keys and your work keycard on the same keychain. Once you connect your Dropboxes, you’ll be able to get to both Dropbox folders from the same Files tab. Dropbox is all about making sure your stuff goes where it’s supposed to!


Fraction Host Announces Launch!

There’s a new kid on the block. Technology and web enthusiast Justin Drago has announced the launch of his new company, Fraction Host

Fraction Host will be offering US and UK Shared and Reseller hosting at the launch of the website. Along with those services will include WHMCS licenses, (editor's note.. WHMCS has more holes than the Titanic) WH domain registrations, domain transfers and etc. Shortly after, Fraction Host will introduce VPS and Dedicated services in the US only.

Owner Justin Drago plans to offer Quality Web Hosting services at a fraction of the competitors price. The goal Fraction Host wants to provide is the same quality hardware with round the clock support.

Fraction Host will introduce a rewards program along with the launch of their website. Paying monthly bills, ordering new services and many other things will count toward our Fractional Point System. Rewards include free domains, web hosting, electronics and much more!

(Editor’s note.. Justin made his announcement about Quality Web Hosting services at a fraction of the competitor's price on the forum with the partisan webhosts spouting the only unbiased web hosting reviews on the web jargon.. how fitting)



Shopify was all excited announcing that gift cards are now available for all Professional and Unlimited plan users. Shopify think their merchants are going to love this new functionality - especially during holiday shopping seasons.

Gift cards provide a flexible way for customers to purchase a gift for someone from your store, making it easy for them to share the love for your brand while also maintaining full freedom of choice for the recipient. They also help you increase your sales and make your store look more professional.

Editor’s thoughts.. a recent report (no I don’t have a link, I make this stuff up as I go), suggested that both business and the environment reap huge rewards from gift cards purchases. As a large percentage of the cards are never redeemed, it a cash cow for businesses and results in less stuff in landfills. A win win for everyone!



GoDaddy started accepting paid pre-registrations for four new top level domain names: .uno, .menu, .build, .luxury. While many registrars have offered some sort of pre-reservation or pre-registration service that did not require any firm commitment by the customer, GoDaddy is the first major registrar to actually charge an upfront fee. And the fees are steep with prices up to $1,200 each

Prices to pre-register each domain vary widely by top level domain. Each domain offers “pre-registration” and “priority pre-registration”. More than one person can make either type of pre-registration, and if that’s the case then the domain will go to auction…

Editor’s advice: You may want to rush out and protect your brand… by hiring a lawyer. There are 1496 more of these TLD in the pipeline!


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