A web hosting year in review

Fri, 21st September 2007, 00:16

The HostJury blog launched on January 10th, 2007. Late last year after launching HostJury, we never would have expected it to have grown as quickly as it has. Our traffic has grown in leaps & bounds, primarily a result of web hosting providers closing down, causing problems & giving people headaches.

Our first few blog posts were regarding the sudden, inexcusable actions of RegisterFly, their death and the growth that spurred from them. Similar to a fly laying an egg in the carcass of a dying beast. Only in this case it was the fly's last egg & we're stuck with the beast.

During the past year we've endured an awful lot of ups & downs of our own. Several threads have popped up around the internet calling HostJury a 'disgrace to the internet' but in the same breath thanked us for catching countless thousands of fraudulent, fake reviews posted by web hosting companies willing to go low.

Far, far too low:
iPowerWeb resorts to posting fraudulent reviews on Hostjury - Related HostJury post
IPowerweb / IPower clients enduring massive problems
Surpass Hosting posts fraudulent reviews on HostJury

But instead of concentrating on the bad, we're just glad the year is coming to a close. During the past year we've reported on a turn for the better in the web hosting industry. A large number of companies are becoming more 'socially' responsible and launching green programs. A few that come to mind are Netfirms & Dreamhost.

We hope next year holds better days. For the industry & everyone in it!

God bless :)

(Now stop posting fake reviews & get off my lawn, you young whippersnappers!)