Oh dear web hosting industry, how low can you go?

Sat, 22nd September 2007, 03:43

Every so often we get an interesting request from a web hosting company or vendor. Some of them really just make our day though. Sometimes I think I'm in the wrong industry - this one seems to be filled with scammers & spammers.

This specific request is one from Kaumil Patel of Vistapages, who happen to have an awful lot of very unsatisfied web hosting clients. It's no wonder that the Vistapages team is offering to pay us to remove the bad web hosting reviews about their company!

Vistapages is dirty

This stuff just writes itself, comedy gold. VistaPages is another web hosting provider based out of Toronto, Ontario. They have been in operation a number of years but ethics don't seem to be part of their offerings.

Most companies tend to just post completely fake reviews rather than trying to pay us off to remove them. Neither method works though, we've got more ethics than this industry will ever have.

About Vistapages

VistaPages' goal is to provide a low-cost web hosting solution that is easy-to-use, and is customer service oriented. At VistaPages they value our customers and recognize their need for quality service and outstanding customer service.