Astutium announces the acquisition of three web hosting providers

Thu, 2nd January 2014, 16:43

With the buzz of New Years celebrations still ringing, 2014 promises to be another kick-ass year for keyword stuffed press releases from webhosting firm touting everything including the kitchen sink. Early out the gate is European Business and Enterprise Web Host Astutium which kicked off its new year by announcing the completion of the acquisition and integration of not one but three Greek Web Hosting firms: Ultranet Web Solutions, HostGreece, and UFastHost. All three webhosting providers specialize in providing local clients (editor’s note: I assuming very local as we’ve never heard of any of these companies) with cPanel based web hosting, email, dns services and .GR domain registrations.

Rob Golding, Head of M+A’s for Astutium says:

We are really excited to have completed our latest strategic acquisitions. Astutium have extend our domain registration services by becoming a directly accredited .GR domain registrar, and immediately added more than a thousand .gr,, and registrants.

Following a comprehensive review and analysis of the existing hosting platforms, the company migrated all the existing services to new Hardware on the Astutium multihomed network, so clients gained the benefits of fully redundant high-performance connectivity and dual-stacked IPv4-IPv6 connectivity.

The Ultranet and HostGreece brands primarily served local business websites, so were a perfect fit for Astutium, kickstarting our growth in Greece with hundreds of SMEs and end users, and look forward to working them and many more clients from the region over the coming years.

The completed integration grants users access to ‘Unified’ – the online Astutium Client Portal – allowing for realtime management of web hosting accounts, domain registrations, virtual private/dedicated servers, dedicated servers, colocation and cloud servers hosting from one single location.

All clients now have the assurance that their emails and websites are online at a host with a 17+ year proven track record of uptime and quality in-house support, and domains managed by a registrar handling over 200 gTLDs and ccTLDs.

There you have it folks… the first churnalism of 2014. Have a Happy New Years!

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