Netrouting merges xenEurope business operations

Thu, 9th January 2014, 18:12

Netrouting, a provider of web hosting and Internet service solutions has announced the merger of two separate business divisions — Netrouting and xenEurope. Since acquiring xenEuope in 2008, it has quickly grown to become a leader in European Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting with expanded locations in the United States. This merger effectively integrates the business functions of both divisions under the Netrouting brand to capitalize on the natural synergies between each operation.

Savvas Bout, CEO of Netrouting said:

We are excited to combine these two companies to better service our clients. This new organizational structure is necessary to streamline our business processes and continue the same level of customer service they have grown to expect”. Bout continues, “We wish to extend a warm welcome to the xenEurope family in joining with Netrouting and they can always count on us to deliver the same quality hosting experience they know and trust”.

We are pleased to announce that the integration has been successfully completed without interruption or downtime. (editor’s note.. I would hope so. Netrouting already provided the hosting services for xenEurope!) 

A recent post written by Netrouting sale director Ray Womack in the company blog acknowledges the importance of support:


You have a lot of choices when it comes where to host your website or application. There’s a million other places you can buy the exact same servers we sell, and if you search, you can find them sometimes cheaper. We know this. So how do we compete, how we set ourselves apart, and how do we even survive? It’s the support, stupid. (editor’s note.. ‘stupid’ only sounds harsh when taken out of the context of the whole post)

We should shift our focus to selling service, not servers. Our commitment to support should run marrow-deep and be ingrained in the very DNA and fiber of everything we do. We should seek to tap the hoster’s basic instinct and primal desire for support.

Even though the hosting industry is ever-changing, the one thing that always remains true is support sells. Quite simply, no company has ever struggled, lost customers, or gone out of business because their support was too good.

Netrouting clients can share with others just how well the company is doing at ‘selling service, not servers’ by writing a review on HostJury.

About Netrouting

Headquartered in The Netherlands, Netrouting is a global Internet Service Provider (ISP) and a premier provider of web hosting and data services solutions. Since 2007, we have consistently delivered reliable, scalable, and secure products by utilizing first-class connectivity and industry leading equipment. With networking and data center operations in Spijkenisse, Miami, and Stockholm, our clients realize low-latency services at cost-effective pricing.