HiVelocity giving away 10GB of cloud storage with every server Free

Wed, 15th January 2014, 14:30

Infrastructure services and hosting provider HiVelocity is now including an additional 10GB of free cloud storage with every new server. While each server is provided 10GB of free storage, there will be options for customers to choose up to 2TB of cloud storage per server they have with Hivelocity. One of the interesting details in this announcement is that the free storage is not dispersed on a per client basis, rather on a per server basis. Customers with numerous servers will have multiple free storage plans provided to them. 

Barry Stetler, Hivelocity’s Development & Operations Leader speaking about the additional feature says:

We are always looking for new ways to reward our customers and improve our service. Obviously some free storage on the cloud gives our customers an avenue for backing up data and peace of mind. I think the simplicity myVelocity offers in setting up and managing the storage will be just as rewarding to our customers as the fact it is free.

Over the last year Hivelocity has introduced several free services available to customers within their myVelocity portal. From managing DNS, creating A records, remote reboots and now free storage.

Hivelocity customers are empowered to manage their online presence as much as they like. Alternatively, Hivelocity has made a name for itself by offering an exceptional level of customer service and support giving customers the option of having Hivelocity experts handle things instead. Existing clients can expect to receive instructions on activating and managing their storage using Hivelocity’s custom built myVelocity portal incrementally throughout January.

About HiVelocity 

Founded in 2001, Hivelocity provides dedicated server, VPS and Cloud hosting services to customers from over 135 countries worldwide. Their state-of-the-art data center was upgraded in 2010 with brand new generator, UPS, batteries and 200 tons of computer room AC. Because they buy server hardware direct from Dell and Supermicro, they are able to provide extremely reliable servers at a great value. With our flexible options in hardware, software and bandwidth, we are able to service a wide range of businesses. Hivelocity’s servers are utilized by tens of thousands of businesses every day. Some of the common uses for our servers include; online gaming, web site hosting, virtualization, cloud computing, credit card processing, video and audio streaming, rendering, software development, email, data storage, VOIP and much more.
HiVelocity offer 24/7/365 tech support with live reps on site every minute of every day to service the thousands of customers they maintain from all over the world. Hivelocity has over 100 Gbps of fiber optic connection to the internet with multiple tier 1 carriers. Hivelocity is privately held and carries zero debt so you can be sure our industry longevity is as solid as our network.