The shady whois on NodeKi imminent demise

Fri, 17th January 2014, 18:51

Not so long ago, a glowing article appeared on the wpmudev blog extolling a new webhosting outfit that was going to revolutionize the industry for wordpress users.

What if you could pay for hosting once and never have to worry about it again for the rest of your life? No monthly or yearly bills, no contracts to renew, nothing to worry about except building your websites. Sound interesting?

NodeKi: A New WordPress Hosting Company

NodeKi is a new WordPress hosting company that offers a unique pricing structure, which includes Lifetime Hosting plans…. yada yada yada

Way back in 2012 when Sarah was hyping this radical new concept being pitched by Nodeki, (editor’s hint: the one where you get something for almost nothing), pricing started at $39 USD. But you'd have to hurry because prices were going up ten bucks on April 1st.

As with any ponzi style business plan, the prices continued to climb until NodeKi founder and CEO Jonathan Tittle sold and relinquished the reins of his lifetime optimized wordpress hosting venture. Now those fledging magnates are telling clients that as of February 1st, 2014, the revolution is over, and they need to find a new webhosting provider... oh and by the way, there’s no refunds on those lifetime managed wordpress hosting plans

Dear Sir/Madam,

As of February 1st, 2014, NodeKi will permanently be going out of business. We want to inform you in advance that the NodeKi lifetime plans and server will cease to exist on February 1st of 2014.

Unfortunately, the “Lifetime” plans were not a sustainable business model. We can’t continue paying for servers, software, bandwidth and support if there’s no incoming money to cover these costs. It’s not remotely possible to provide any product “for life” that has recurring costs associated with it. The Lifetime plans were not something that the existing management implemented, sold, or received money for. Due to this reason and the “no refund” policy at purchase, we are not able to offer refunds. This is not something that is open to debate.

LIMITED support (password resets and MINOR server related issues) will be provided on a best effort basis up until the shutdown time. We have provided a two week timeframe so that you can move your domains and websites to a new provider.

Thank you for your support in the previous years.

Ouch… maybe the management should at least offer a 'thanks for the money' to clients!

Whois on NodeKi Management

Back in 2011, Jonathan Tittle registered the NodeKi domain using the following information:

Jonathan Tittle
1004 E. Watauga Ave
#109 Johnson City, TN, USA
Phone: (423)598-2692(423)598-2692
Email Address:

(Editor’s note: still redirects to

Then in January of 2012, the whois information changed to:

Tabitha Buchanan
1004 E. Watauga Ave
#109 Johnson City, TN, USA
Email Address:

Again in December 2012 the domain contact reverted to Jonathan Tittle, same address but different phone number: (423)741-6116(423)741-6116.

In May of 2013, a thread shopping a block of clients appeared on that forum frequented by those partisan webhosts purveying the only unbiased hosting reviews on the web jargon. The original poster Breakfree, hailing from Johnson City, TN, claimed “the reason for the sale is that we're simply looking to exit from the hosting industry so that we can focus on our other businesses

It is noteworthy that none of the clients being offered were on lifetime plans. Responding publicly to questions, Breakfree stated:

Only clients are mentioned in the thread above, and that's what we're looking to sell. We do have other clients and the brand, but we'd be looking at slightly more for everything if that is of primary interest to the buyer. The primary sale is of the 21 clients mentioned above.

One of the respondents was IQBreck aka Breck Burgess. Way back in 2003, Burgess was the owner of InterQuad Communications. It is purported that Interquad was sold to ServerCentral in 2005, although the domain records suggest a change was made in 2006. But not to ServerCentral, rather to WingSix which is part of the UK2 Group. In 2009, it appears the domain was transferred to Hosting Services Inc. and then back to UK2 in 2010. In December of 2012, the domain reverted back to where this all started, Breck Burgess. In January of 2013 the privacy whois was enabled to hide the domain owner.

In May of 2013 the NodeKi nameservers switched to Interquad, the domain registrar changed to NetEarth, and the domain whois privacy was enabled.. always a bad sign with a web hosting company. It also appears the NodeKi about page was never updated to reflect the changes… especially that part about “the most transparent and hands-on management teams in our industry”.

Other domains owned by Breck Burgess and dot com is owned by a Breck Burgess is owned by a Breck Burgess is owned by a Breck Burgess

Are there more.. likely but I got tired looking. If your webhost’s domain whois privacy is enabled and the snail mail contact information isn’t clearly spelt out on their website… find a webhost to transfer your data for you... most will handle it for free.

Meanwhile it appears our lady friend Sarah scooped us on the breaking story of NodeKi impending demise… how fitting. The Reg put it best: Agreeing to a "lifetime" deal does not normally refer to your lifetime - it's all about the sustainability of the biz and its eventual death warrant, which in this instance was signed by NodeKi.

Choose wisely and read the reviews!

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