Network Solution clients about to get gouged

Wed, 22nd January 2014, 15:13

Brent Simmons has been a Network Solutions client since 1997, so when he received an email purported to be sent by them with the great news that his domains were going to be soon covered by Network Solutions New WebLock Domain Security Program, he was slightly perturbed at being auto enrolled in any new program. But the kicker was the paragraph stating the cost:

To help recapture the costs of maintaining this extra level of security for your account, your credit card will be billed $1,850 for the first year of service on the date your program goes live. After that you will be billed $1,350 on every subsequent year from that date. If you wish to opt out of this program you may do so by calling us.

Believing to be the recipient of a phishing expedition, Simmons used @netsolcares, Network Solutions Twitter account, to question the validity of the email. The response: it’s real.

Including that line about calling before February 4th to opt out!

Network Solutions, along with are brands of Although not confirmed, this ‘change’ will likely affect all clients with domains getting the top 1% of internet traffic at

Action required: Your Domain is being enrolled in the weblock security program. Dear Brent Simmons, Cybercriminals continue to strengthen and evolve the techniques and tools they use to assault our customers' websites and domain names. According to the Symantec Internet Security Annual report the pace and frequency of hacking, phishing and social engineering has increased over 42% in 2013. Compromised domain names can lead to substantial brand, reputational and financial damage. Once a domain name is compromised cybercriminals have total control of the content that appears on  

This one should continue to unravel.

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