Russell Wilson Passing Academy vs Peyton's Payback Foundation

Thu, 23rd January 2014, 16:16

The Super Bowl is less than two weeks away, and it’s shaping up to be something special. Between the rising star the Seahawks have found in Russell Wilson and the inimitable Peyton Manning and his Broncos, it’s a fascinating clash of new vs. old. What comes out on top- the Manning dynasty, or the best damn corner in the league, is yet to be seen.

No, in case you’re wondering, HostJury is not opening up a sporting branch. But we did think it would be a novel idea to approach the big game and its star quarterbacks through the websites they run. Obviously many pro athlete participate in charity and community outreach, Wilson and Manning being no exception. Each has an online presence around these ventures. But the way the websites are designed and hosted reveals some pretty interesting disparities. See which one you’d rather pass your cash to with HostJury’s own Super Bowl match up.

Russell Wilson Passing Academy

Russell Wilson Passing Academy 

Now here’s a website with class- just look at that tasteful leather backdrop. Russell Wilson Passing Academy is a traveling program that sets up football camps for youth aged 8-17, teaching them not only the fundamentals of the game, and introducing them to various positions and techniques, but also looks to “promote the mental and physical development of youth, with the goal of encouraging kids to develop high character and moral standards, a sense of competitiveness and fair play, a respect for authority, service to others, and a love of God, family, and country.” Patriotic! If your family is anywhere near the locations listed in the FAQ, it might be a good way to introduce them to the game, or to brush up on their skills if they already have them.

As for the website, there’s a lot to brag about. It’s expertly put together, very stylishly designed, and according to GTMetrix, it gets top marks in terms of composition and pageload speed. What makes this website work is that despite a lot of graphics and data put together in one place, much of the interactive content is scaled down, which means there’s less applets that need loading. For an event or a charity, there’s really no need to inundate the page with a thousand little boxes. Keeping the information clear and up front is better in terms of design and better in terms of server load. Web hosting for RWPA is done by GoDaddy, which despite its checkered ratings on HostJury, seems to be working really well here.

So how does Peyton stack up?

Peyback Foundation

Peyton Manning Peyback Foundation 

The Peyback Foundation is a much broader charity that directs a sizeable amount of funds to youth organizations in Indiana, Louisiana, Tennessee and Florida. Peyback, and thus Peyton himself, partners with organizations to impact underprivileged and at-risk communities through outreach, summer camps, foster care and boys and girls clubs. Now that’s a goal that’s fitting for one of the best quarterbacks of all time. You can get involved by sending a donation, or if you know of a deserving organization, by contacting the Peyback Foundation and letting them know the focus of the group.

While the goal is admirable, in terms of composition, the website needs some work. In fact, we see a lot of the exact problems Russell Wilson’s website manages to avoid. Peyback uses Wordpress, but the downside to that accessibility for the designer seems to be a ton of requests that are jockeying to load… all for a page that’s oddly sparse. The less than stellar webhosting is provided by the Rackspace cloud! Maybe Peyton should use some of that Manning gold to revamp the website a bit and write a review asking why his webhosting doesn't stack up with Wilson's choice. Possibly GoDaddy's toned down 2014 Super Bowl adverts will seal the deal.

So in this match up, youth trumps experience! Based on our highly scientific method, HostJury is ready to call the Super Bowl for the Seattle Seahawks, 27-21. You can all feel free to place your bets. In the site’s long history, we've never made a single bad Super Bowl prediction.