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Tue, 18th March 2014, 18:27

Media Temple launched their new, premium WordPress platform just recently. It can be a dicey thing rolling out a new service that caters to higher level clientele. The demand is lower and the price points are higher. We decided to reach out to Dante Baker, Shared Services Product Manager, to get his appraisal of what makes MT’s new offering so enticing to consumers. Regardless, the Wordpress CMS market is only going to continue to grow so we’ll see in time if Media Temple can carve out a bigger slice in this expanding niche.

HJ) Tell us a bit about Media Temple, and what led to this new premium WordPress platform.

Dante: Media Temple is a Los Angeles-based company providing premium web hosting and cloud services to web designers, developers, digital entrepreneurs and innovators. Media Temple was founded in 1998 on the premise of hosting our customers' great ideas, and we have been the hosting choice of creative professionals ever since. Over 125,000 people and businesses in 100 countries rely on our easy-to-use tools for web hosting, one-click WordPress installs, virtual servers, domain registration, business applications, and other cloud services to power 1.5 million websites. Our premium service model combined with our scalable technology allows us to focus on delivering only exceptional quality products and best-in-class, award-winning 24/7/365 customer support.

Having been a leading provider of WordPress hosting for years, we leveraged our long-time involvement with the Open Source community to bring that highly flexible and scalable WordPress hosting solution web developers and designers were demanding – i.e. a WordPress-specific managed hosting product.

HJ) WordPress and other CMS’s are rapidly gaining in popularity. What is it about the technology that’s so uniquely valuable to consumers?

Dante: It relates to one simple concept. Ease of use and customizability. We've seen this before in the web site creation world going back to products like FrontPage (Microsoft), Dreamweaver (Adobe), Moveable Type, etc. When it comes down to it, we all want a quick and easy way to create our online presence, and that market has traditionally been in the realm of website templates. CMSs like WordPress allow for that quick and easy setup, but also allow users to customize their site so that the person or organization can also impress their own unique soul into the site.

HJ) What sets MediaTemple’s hosting platform apart from its competitors? The landing page tells us about a ‘product roadmap full of exciting improvements to come’. What are some of these improvements?

Dante: Some of the improvements include enhancing what we already have in production, and additional features.

One enhancement surrounds our site templating, or site copy feature. Many of our users often talk about having a standard build that they start from when creating a site. So, for example, one developer may have a certain theme and four plugins that they use when creating an ecommerce site, a site for lawyers, or musicians. Currently, you can copy an existing site and we'll capture the theme and plugins minus the website content, and allow you to then tailor a new site for a new client. Next up will be the ability to save that template and simply deploy it at will. So we're looking to make that workflow quicker and easier.

One of the many features we'll be implementing surrounds role-based account management and website creation. Often times you may want to add additional developers or key business stakeholders into the creative process, and we want to not only make that possible, but also make it easy.

Then, there are a more features that we'll be implementing that not will only help the developer but also the end user who doesn't manage multiple WordPress sites as well. Keep an eye out for that!

HJ) Building from this, could you share with us some of the insights and solutions MediaTemple has gained from its experience with WordPress hosting, and how they’re being applied to this new platform?

Dante: Whether it be from a support standpoint, engineering, or even UX, we've definitely learned a lot. Being able to scale is huge, knowing the difference in potential exploit vectors, how to handle WP-cron in a clustered environment, keeping giving back to and participating in the WordPress community, etc. The lessons we've learned not only apply to features and hardware that are tangible, but also flow into a deeper understanding of the philosophy behind the Open Source project itself.

HJ) What are some of the biggest problems end users run into with WordPress? How does MediaTemple help them navigate these issues, and what new opportunities does the Premium service offer for overcoming these challenges?

Dante: We can talk about this for a while, and it's mainly due to the fact that users always find an innovative way to get things completed that you may not have thought of, or may not understand certain aspects of the product that will make their life easier. To give a more general answer, our goal is to help users spend more time concentrating on content than on pain points, and WordPress is a great vehicle to do that because it's so extensible. So while we continue to deliver on ease of use and managed all things WP hosting for them, the user can create content and then go snowboarding, surfing, hiking, video games, TV, yoga, or just enjoy some family time.


Well it would be hard to argue with more time for surfing, hiking, video games, TV, yoga, or even the family time… snowboarding meh.. maybe its just been too long a winter for those not fortunate enough to be hanging out in LA! Media Temple clients can review the new premium WordPress platform here.

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Since Media Temple began in 1998, we’ve been on a mission to help web developers, designers, digital entrepreneurs, and innovators bring their ideas to life online. In 15 years, we’ve seen a lot of technology trends come and go. But one thing has never changed: our commitment to our customers’ success. It’s what drives us to offer the best web hosting service and support available anytime, anywhere.

Today, our premium web hosting and cloud services power more than 1.5 million websites in 100 different countries. Over 125,000 people and businesses rely on our simple tools for web hosting, one-click WordPress installs, virtual servers, domain registration, business applications, and other cloud services. From everyday people to top bloggers, creative professionals, and businesses small and large, we make it easy for anyone to have an effective, engaging Internet presence.


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