Art Faccone: Overseer of BurstNET dedicated CSS (Client Satisfaction Specialist)

Fri, 21st March 2014, 16:39

Burst.NET is making moves, and the direction is customer satisfaction. Newly appointed CEO JW Ray recently stated that "we have uncovered many areas that BurstNET can significantly improve and set the industry standard for client care and one small step that we are taking immediately is to assign all clients a dedicated CSS (Client Satisfaction Specialist). Central to this movement is new VP of Client Care, Art Faccone. We sat down with Mr. Faccone to discuss the new direction of, and how his initiatives will help the company connect with its clientbase in new and innovative ways, as well as how the nature of social media and all the interconnectedness it brings has affected the businesses in the hosting industry and elsewhere.

HJ: Your new post at comes after two decades in management. What excites you the most about this next step in your career?

Art: What excites me most is that Burst.NET is a great company that has hard-working, dedicated employees and loyal clients. What was missing was client focus, direction and process. I am excited to help to implement these changes, because once we have achieved true client focus the sky is truly the limit for Burst.NET and our clients.

HJ: You’ll be heading up the launch of a new portal for’s thousands of clients. Tell us more about this new feature and how it will benefit end-users.

Art: Without a doubt our support portal at is undergoing an exciting transformation. We want this portal to be our client’s go-to location for up to date network status and technical assistance. The first step in this transformation is already in place, we have included a LIVE WebTeach Technical Support link. Clients can log into a Live WebTeach session and ask our Technical Specialists a question instantly between 9:00am and 5:00 pm Eastern Time. Gaining access to our Technical Experts has never been easier.

HJ: Included in this is the creation of a ‘Premier Client Council’, something of a representative system for the clients of How will clients participate, and what’s the goal of this initiative?

Art: The Burst.NET Premier Client Council is a group of clients designed to ensure that our growth strategy is in complete alignment with the goals of our clients. Clients on this Council are selected to ensure all sizes and flavors of client are represented. We are currently in the process of forming the Council. Once it has been established we will have quarterly meetings to gather client feedback and vet our growth strategy to ensure that are plans align with our clients’ needs.

HJ: Building off of this, as a professional in client care, what has it been like watching the rise of social media and its impact on client-provider relationships? What are some of the challenges it presents?

Art: The rise of social media has certainly changed the nature of communication as it relates to client-provider relationships, and in my opinion it has changed it for the better. Social media has given an equal voice to each and every client, which can be wonderful, but if things aren’t going well it can be challenging and a little bit scary. Today, an upset client paying a few dollars/month has the ability to voice their displeasure to the masses and severely impact your business. But I like this transparency. If anyone is unhappy, I want to know about it so we can address it. We aren’t perfect, but we make every effort to address issues head on and hold ourselves accountable for our clients’ success and happiness. And once an issue has been addressed and a client is ecstatic with the level of service they receive, social media can be your best friend.

HJ: Share with us some of your goals at Burst.NET. What are the ideal outcomes for the future?

Art: Our goal is to ensure that EVERY client, regardless of size, is extremely satisfied with Burst.NET. We want our clients to be with us for the long haul and I want them to be excited to recommend Burst.NET to their friends. If we maintain our focus on these goals, our clients, resellers and employees will all enjoy great success.

HJ: Finally, do you have any advice for the young professionals entering your field right now?

Art: Regardless of the Service field you are working in, you build (or rebuild) a reputation one client at a time. Every client interaction is a golden opportunity to understand their perspective, identify potential issues, make their lives easier and improve the client experience for all of your clients. The faster you create these interactions and foster these relationships the sooner you will be successful.

In conclusion

JW Ray said "At the end of the day, Art’s responsibility is to ensure that we are the client satisfaction thought leader and provide the best client service available.” BurstNET clients can share how well BurstNET is living up to that commitment by reviewing their experiences here.

About BurstNET

BurstNET Technologies, Inc.™ is a world-wide leader in Web Hosting and Internet Solutions. The privately held company, based in North-Eastern Pennsylvania, services clientele in over 100 countries around the world. BurstNET® began in 1991 as a computer hardware/software retail firm and distributorship. Shortly after incorporating in late 1996, the company quickly made the transition to providing Internet services. BurstNET® established itself in the industry prior to the explosion of the Web Hosting market. The company has experienced exceptional growth and currently hosts 10000+ Dedicated Servers and Co-located machines, 20000+ Virtual Private Servers (VPS), and millions of websites.

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