1&1 unveils new datacenter

Fri, 2nd February 2007, 19:48

Earlier this week 1&1 Internet, Inc. (1&1) announced a new datacenter facility in Lenexa, Kansas. The new state-of-the-art facility will allow 1&1 to offer low latency connections for the North American contintent.

The center also has excellent fiber-optic connectivity to several ISPs, high redundant capacity and is capable of routing thousands of Terabytes per month without any data jams.

The 1&1 datacenter’s connectivity and security capacities make it possible for the company to unveil it's new dedicated and VPS line and grow past its current 38,000 global servers. “Since 1&1 sold out servers in October 2006, this new line of servers is a welcome and much requested addition,” said Andreas Gauger,  Chairman, 1&1 Internet.

1&1 Internet Inc. is a subsidiary of United Internet, a profitable public company with 6,000 employees and a market cap of $4 billion. 1&1 was established in 1992 and hosts more than 7 million domain names, while more than 38,000 servers run on the company’s five state-of-the-art data centers.