Hivelocity's new security features. How does your webhost stack up.

Thu, 24th July 2014, 13:33

One could sometimes get the impression from glancing at the news that the hackers and trackers are spending more time on your server then you are. And for some, the fears may be real. The threats are certainly real enough. Server security should never be viewed as an afterthought.

So Bare Metal Server, Infrastructure as a Service and Cloud hosting provider, Hivelocity announcement of the introduction of several new security features within its myVelocity customer portal should be viewed as a proactive thwarting of those nefarious types.

Over the last month Hivelocity has introduced several new features to help customer ensure the security of their account. Features include 2 factor authentication, IP authentication and white-listing, a session manager and security questionnaires.

These new features are in addition to the pre-existing tools within myVelocity that allow bandwidth monitoring, service monitoring with text msg/email alerts, DNS management, a live order tracker,data center live stream, IPMI GUI and much more.


Session Manager

screenshot of the session manager panel

The Session Manager is shown right on the Dashboard. Featuring IP, location, and active time for every active session on your account at a glance. With one click terminate individual session or all sessions.


IP Protection

screenshot of the IP protection feature

The new IP Protection feature requires that all sessions from new locations (IPs) are approved via a link sent to the account holder’s email. If you manage your account from multiple locations, you will be asked to authorize each of the IP’s once. You may also manually manage the IPs authorized to access your account from the new Account Security section of myVelocity.


Two Factor Authorization

screenshot of the 2 factor authentication feature

In addition to these passive security features, Hivelocity also now support 2 Factor Auth. With 2 Factor Auth enabled, you must have your username, password, and your phone to access your account.

This is an opt-in feature found in the new Account Security Section of myVelocity. In a few easy steps you can setup 2 Factor Auth using your cell phone. They are suggesting Google Authenticator but you can use any other TOTP compatible system you wish (Authy, etc).


Three Security Questions

screenshot of the 3 question security feature

myVelocity users now have the ability to select and provide answers for the security questions which will be used when they call Hivelocity’s support telephone line. If you haven’t logged in since this feature was released, you will be required to answer 3 questions before continuing to use your account. A simple reset button is provided to select new questions or change your existing answers.


Pain or Real Gain

While some users may find all the new security features being implemented by Hivelocity and other various web hosts a pain that just interferes with their train of thought and impedes the flow of their work patterns, others should seriously consider why their webhost are not implementing similar measures. Knowing that your web host takes security seriously may be one of the best defenses against those nefarious hackers and tracker types.