Weekly Web Hosting Horrors

Mon, 5th November 2007, 04:06

We've decided to start a weekly digest of web hosting industry events, primarily concentrating on the bad. After all, bad news is great news.. or at least it makes for good reading & some pity.

Alabanza, NaviSite & the definition of pain!

The migration has currently left clients down for more than 48 hours total with no end in sight.

First up on the list is the recent events at Alabanza & NaviSite. Customers are calling it a "migration fiasco" after a recent purchase of Alabanza by NaviSite.

It seems that NaviSite immediately chose to relocate the Alabanza customers to its' own datacenter within days of the company ownership changes. As a result, thousands of clients have been left in the dark. Some rough estimates gauge the number of sites down as a result of the fiasco are over one hundred & seventy five thousand!

Some users on WebHostingTalk are stating quite interesting things, here's what one had to say:

"We were told that NaviSite had fired the entire Alabanza staff and therefore could not continue to run operations at that location, that and the lease on the datacenter was also coming to the end, and NaviSite had been given notice to vacate the facility. NaviSite therefore attempted to rush the migration and made the decision to pack the datacenter up and move it by truck. A source tells me that they are still unpacking the equipment and it could be tommorow afternoon after 4:00PM before the entire network is even set back up."

The migration has currently left clients down for more than 48 hours total with no end in sight. Oops.

Down the Tubes

A number of companies have been affected by downtime this week. Just recently, Servers & Domains became unavailable and no clients of the service have been provided updates from what we're aware. 

A great deal of providers have been affected by the Alabanza acquisition including 5 dollar hosting, successful hosting & and many more.

The great white north 

A number of Canadian web hosting providers have been recently sold without much notice. HostEasi & UpScaleHost acquisitions went under the radar. Earlier today each provider went off-line & left a number of users affected.

Each of the companies was originally owned by Daryl D'Souza of Technosys in Ontario, Canada. Mr. D'Souza recently took a position with iWeb in Montreal & sold the companies as a result. The HostEasi & UpScalehost servers were migrated to iWeb's datacenter without any notice to clients.

Random Information

NaviSite, a provider of application management, internet infrastructure and hosting solutions for the mid-market, has acquired two privately-held providers of hosting services – Alabanza and Jupiter Hosting – for total cash consideration of approximately $15.5 million.

Baltimore, MD based Alabanza offers a comprehensive suite of dedicated and shared web hosting services, as well as a highly automated proprietary software platform for provisioning and managing high volume hosting solutions. Santa Clara, CA based Jupiter Hosting offers dedicated and complex managed hosting and infrastructure services that include high quality and high bandwidth applications such as IPTV, Video on Demand and Progressive Video Delivery; the company also has a data center located in Santa Clara, CA.