HostJunkies turns off the lights

Sat, 1st November 2014, 15:54

With a brief email that provides more questions than answers, the management at Hostjunkies announced they were shuttering the servers and turning off the lights on a five year run.

Hostjunkies has decided to shut down and exit the market on OCT 24th. There are many reasons for this decision. The main reasons are that I no longer have the time to properly manage the business, the industry is full of fraud, and the industry is moving towards a complete demise for the small guy. We ran a successful business for 5 years yet it's now apparent the run is over.

I decided to give everyone 2 weeks notice before we have to pull the plug. I could have just pulled the plug and not said a word but i don't believe in treating people like that. Please login to your cpanel and grab backups of your account via the backup/partial backup area. Grab your home directory, your databases, your email forwarders and your email filters. Then just restore your backups with another cpanel provider. This might seem weird but we are going to recommend everyone consider transferring your accounts to 2 personally respected providers. Stablehost and Nosupportlinuxhosting. We respect both providers and they will be great providers for you going forward. (editor's note: Hostjury would rather lets users recommend and review the web hosting providers to other users but we're letting this instance slide)

So again, we are shutting the power off on OCT 24TH. That gives you 2 weeks to get your sites moved to a new provider. I will send this message again in 1 week or maybe even twice a week to ensure every attempt is made to contact everyone.

Sorry for the inconvenience and thanks again for your business!

HostJunkies first launched into web hosting under the domain in March of 2009. Hosting mainly family, friends and some local businesses, they started utiling the domain in January of 2010 and began advertising to gain more clients. In July 2010, they rebranded the biz to Hostjunkies.

While it’s commendable of the owner to give clients a heads up on the impending doom, suggesting that the industry is full of fraud and headed for an implosion for smaller web hosting companies based on his own experiences may be a little overstated. Possibly the principals at countless webhosting entities (both large and small) would respectfully disagree and counter that his perspective maybe a little jaded.

Undoubtedly a greater consensus would exist in the notion that smaller companies trying to compete against deep pocket equity backed webhosting firms in a 'race to the bottom pricing structure' will likely come up a day late and a dollar short.

The webhosting marketplace has indeed evolved since its early days. The phenomenal growth experienced by the emergence of E-commerce and the reality that even the smallest business needs a web presence to exist ensures the continuing growth of the webhosting industry globally. Regardless of size, firms offering exceptional service, support, and uptime will always find a niche.

The main reason for Hostjunkies demise is the owner no longer had the time to properly devote to the business and regardless of size, devotion is a necessary ingredient for success. Still, kudos to the owner for giving clients notice.

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