HostGator Resellers Experiencing Major Headaches

Thu, 6th November 2014, 19:31

What is rumoured to have started as some system upgrades has now turned into a continuing nightmare for some smaller webhosts that resell Hostgator services under their own hosting brand. HostGator first announced the issues in a October 29 forum post that all reseller plans had gone offline and they were performing emergency maintenance to resolve the issue

We are currently experiencing issues with our reseller servers which has necessitated emergency maintenance. We are working to bring the service back online as soon as possible and will update this thread with status updates.

After more than 12 hours of generic status update spew, Hostgator provided a more detailed post that likely did little to quell the growing frustration being expressed by the masses:

We are continuing to work on the affected servers; a residual issue primarily affecting MySQL-driven sites has been identified and a resolution is being implemented. In the meantime, certain non MySQL-driven sites may also be temporarily affected due to the nature of the solution being executed. We do appreciate your patience and cannot convey enough that the full resolution of this issue is our top priority at this time.

It took a full twenty six hours into the débâcle before Hostgator released another meaningful status update that at least gave some hope that a resolution was in sight:

To begin, we would like to first thank all of our customers for their continued patience while we work to fully restore complete functionality to all users. We'd like to sincerely apologize for any prior responses that may have seemed rather repetitive or nonchalant. Please know that we are approaching this situation with the utmost urgency and we are committing as many resources as possible to resolve these issues.

As an update on the situation, while we don't have many details we can divulge at the moment, we are making significant headway on the restoration of services. Additionally while there are still a large number of affected servers, our uncompromising commitment to serve our clients is driving us to work as quickly as possible. As previously stated, we will continue to work unabated until a full resolution has been achieved.

Thank you again to all of our clients and their respective customers for your continued patience and understanding. We sincerely apologize for the continued inconvenience.

Another 14 hours pass and again HostGator posts

We have officially entered the homestretch towards a full resolution. There are very few still-affected servers at this time. Work will continue nonstop until full service is restored, and ultimately email notifications will be dispatched to affected customers with further details. This post will be updated again within a few hours.

On the evening of November 2nd (yep..November 2nd) Sean C from HostGator finally posted

At this time we have resolved the remaining server-level issues with the affected reseller servers.

It is possible that some sites may have lingering account-level issues, if you're still seeing problems we welcome you to contact us via Chat, Phone, or Ticket support.

We are deeply sorry for the inconvenience this has caused everyone over the past week, and we are working hard toward resolving any remaining concerns. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

And he promptly closed the thread on this one.

Except looking at the HostGator status forums and twitter, one would quickly deduce many resellers are still experiencing lingering issues with their reseller accounts.

One tweet expressing anger over HostGators handling of the downtime

or maybe

A response from Hostgator to a clients tweet about reseller issues


The Downside of Reality

While downtime may be a reality to be anticipated with any webhosts, for the reseller it has a cascading effect. Web hosting resellers are not only dealing with their angry and irate customers, (all while not even able to access the databases to transfer the sites to stable hosting), many if not most will also offer a service level agreement (SLA) compensating their clients for downtime.

HostGator has a similar agreement with their resellers plans and will provide compensation to their resellers in the form of a credit for one month service. This credit will provide small consolation considering reseller will not only take the brunt of the financial loss but also suffer the lingering effects of the inevitable loss of both clients and goodwill.

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