Chilling News. The 2014 Fall DeadPool

Mon, 10th November 2014, 15:45

On what could only be described as a beautiful sunny fall day, (possibly just the calm before a big Arctic blast), a number of web host will garner that dubious honour that few have aspired to procure.

While it could be said that some of these hosts appear to have been ambitiously striving to achieve this distinctive accolade from their outset, others appeased the need for bling with an award badge purchased from one of those review sites that give an opinionated view based on the web host paying the most for advertising. Regardless, we'll pin one on their chest anyway.

Whether quietly whimpering or going out in a blaze of glory, all will be dosed and extinguished in the depths of the HostJury Deadpool.

Plop plop fizzle fizzle...



TopHandle out of Las Vegas, NV was established in the web hosting industry by providing a reliable service/support for personal web sites and small-to-medium sized business with the best web hosting solutions. They were committed to providing customers with the power and tools to achieve the highest level of success.

Screenshot of the TopHandle domain is a GoDaddyu Landing Page

Okay so I'm not sure that GoDaddy courtesy page will inspire confidence in TopHandle but GoDaddy has been marketing their solutions to small and medium sized businesses...



Denmark is still looking for this shining star. (editor’s note.. then again they are also still looking for that sub!)

One2host was a rapidly growing hosting company, offering only high quality hosting at low prices. One2hostr had a dedicated support staff, located in Denmark, and would do everything to guarantee that you got fast and competent support if you should have any problems with your hosting…

Houston.. we got a problem. Looking for a name for your latest webhosting project. The domain is available for purchase!


SiteNet Host

SiteNet Host place our web servers in the most reliable, redundant and fastest data centers in the world. Our Main Datacenter Servers are located in Seattle, Wa, Dallas TX, Chicago IL. And NOW in New York!!! SiteNet Host offshore servers are located in the UK and India…

Guess server speed and location are redundant now!



Terabyet’s described itself as the favourite home for more than 500.000 web sites. Dedicated to providing everything for an online presence starting from domain name registration(s) and shared web hosting to e-commerce solutions, VPS hosting and SSL certificates.

Born on September 14th 2012 (editor’s note.. not sure whether that’s the owner or the domain), “iwebsocial”, a self described internet marketer, was off trying to drum up some traffic by asking compatriots on one forum to check out his new website.

Hi, Guys, I have launched my new web hosting site I request you all to please review my site & make your comments on it. Thanks!

In March of this year the same iwebsocial was back at it sharing “that within 2 years! of my company it has now 1000+ satisfied customers”.

(so the editor is perplexed.. is Terabyet home for 500 websites or 500,000 thousand websites. Do 1000 plus clients have less than one half website each or do they have 500 websites each… did this kid go to school? )

Maybe one of those 1000 plus clients can explain but we can’t be bothered digging the body deeper when we can just throw them in the deadpool.. the domain is pending delete.



“MyDearHost was established by a team of young and energetic people whose desire was to build an environment primarily intended for beginners…”

Another kiddie host that never knew where to start.. Okay so we know where this is going.. oh my dear.



YourBigSite was originally established under the name of hot-wires ( in 2003 as a personal project, hosting small websites and new websites for friends. In 2007 we expanded our services to customers across the internet allowing new signup to our services trading under the name of YourBigSite. To date the company is still relatively small - and its the way YourBigSite like it. With top customer support and expert solutions.

YourBigSite domain redirects to a GoDaddy Landing Page

Pinch me if I’m wrong but YourBigSite appear more akin to GoDaddy’s big site.


Vectro Web Hosting

“Vectro was started with the main goal of pleasing customers. Having a good reputation means making sure customer's needs are met. Satisfaction is the first priority, otherwise there is no point to being in business.”

Despite the mission statement Vectro / x Proxy Host are Out of Business
"Due to financial circumstances, Vectro is no longer provides web hosting services."

No matter how much you want to please those customer, cash is still king!



“WelltodoCentury is a full service web hosting and reseller hosting development business. Let's face it, getting your niche on the internet can be an expensive venture.”

Even in Malaysia cash is king!


BeastWire Hosting - VPS web hosting with a beasty attitude.

Okay despite that sounding like an awesome tagline, Beastly majestically failed. The first rule of hosting is to keep your own homepage and support live!  Splish splash on beastly.


Steel City Hosting

Steel City Hosting operate in Sheffield, UK and thats primarily why we are called 'Steel City Hosting'..

(editor shakes *head*)



We are informing you that Netpivotal Ltd has ceased trading. We are very sorry to be closing the company but we would like to Thank-you for your previous custom.



So these guys were offering dirt cheap VPS and giving away coupons to make them even cheaper. In hindsight they may have been a little too enthusiastic with that pricing structure.

We started BreezeHost last year in mid July and have expanded with over few hundred clients who are happy with us, we have grown our product ranges from just selling shared hosting to now selling virtual private servers and very soon dedicated servers with our own custom dedicated server control panel for the customers as well. We know you can't wait, we can't to for the final release near July!

Still waiting! redirects to a GoDaddy landing page

Unless you're GoDaddy, mourning your web host's demise is not fun. Need Web Hosting... Choose wisely!


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