Mega-host wannabe Astutium acquires Zooko

Tue, 25th November 2014, 15:32

UK based business and enterprise web hoster Astutium is trying to end the year on the same note as it was started by announcing yet another acquisition. Astutium has announced that Zooko – a UK webhost providing cPanel based internet services to small business and individuals has been acquired, and integrated into the larger entity. The zooko brand provided SMEs and End Users with domain registration and cpanel web hosting.

Rob Golding, Head of M+A’s for Astutium stated:

After careful planning the company migrated the existing Zooko hosting accounts onto a new server on the Astutium London Docklands network, so clients gained the benefits of fully redundant high-performance connectivity to SSD powered cPanel/WHM servers.

All Zooko clients now have the advantages of dealing directly with the actual provider of the services (rather than a chain of resellers), plus as an ICANN Accredited Domain Registrar we’ve been able to make their domain renewals much cheaper.

The completed integration grants users access to ‘Unified’ – the online Astutium Client Portal – allowing for realtime management of web hosting accounts, domain registrations, virtual private servers, dedicated servers, colocation and cloud-servers from one single location.

All clients now have the assurance that their emails and websites are online at a host with a 17+ year proven track record of uptime and quality in-house support.

In January Astutium kicked off the year by announcing the acquisition of three web hosting companies: Ultranet Web Solutions, HostGreece, and UFastHost.

Astutium clients can share their experiences here.

About Astutium

Since 1996 the team behind Astutium have been on a mission to help individuals and businesses succeed online. Astutium take pride in offering a complete range of reliable cost-effective services, backed up by in-house 24/7 technical support and using the latest technologies.

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