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WP Engine Managed WordPress Hosting

WP Engine is a managed hosting platform focused solely on WordPress. Sites are speedy, even under massive traffic loads, and guaranteed secure. According to the company its now powering 18% of the world’s top 1000 highest trafficked websites. Sounds good but for people with projects still waiting to be discovered, one of the first things they notice is the cost. Its certainly more expensive than many other popular hosting companies! WP Engine provides this explanation:

Typical shared hosting companies care about one thing, and that’s keeping their cost as low as possible. They may staff low-paid entry-level employees who don’t know the first thing about WordPress, and they use less-expensive servers. At WP Engine, we don’t do that. We source high-performance hardware for both our virtualized and bare metal solutions, and then we place our software stack (including Evercache) on top of the hardware to give our customers the highest-performance WordPress caching solution available on the market today. We back our technology with top WordPress experts to help your business grow and thrive. If you run a WordPress site and need the highest level of security, stability, and support, WP Engine is an excellent choice.

Founded: Co-Founded In 2010 by tech innovators Jason Cohen & Ben Metcalfe
Type: Partnered with investors and investment firm. (editor’s interesting tidbit.. one of WP Engine’s earliest investors was the founder and CEO of DreamHost, Josh Jones. He got involved because they hired away one of his top WordPress support guys!)
Company Size: Less than 200 and growing
Headquarters: 504 Lavaca Street, Austin, Texas, United States


Brands & Acquisitions

WP Engine



As the name suggests.. WP Engine are experts in Wordpress hosting!


Hosting Solutions

Every WP Engine Plan comes with a long list of features like Git Version Control, One-Click Restore Points, One Click Staging Area for Plugins, Content Delivery Network (CDN) ready, and a whole lot more.

  • Personal Plan: 1 WordPress Install, 25,000 visits / month, Unlimited Data Transfer, and 10GB Local Storage
  • Professional: 10 WordPress Installs, 100,000 visits / month, Unlimited Data Transfer, and 20GB Local Storage.
  • Business: 25 WordPress Installs, 400,000 visits / month, Unlimited Data Transfer, and 30GB Local Storage.
  • Enterprise: 25+ WordPress Installs, Millions of visits / month, Dedicated Environment. Plans Customized to Fit Needs.

More detailed information about the features included in WP Engine managed web hosting packages can be found on the WP Engine homepage.


Unlimited or Limits in the Terms of Service (ToS)

(editor’s note: unless a webhost uses the term “unmetered” then there is likely a limit somewhere)

Terms of Service were obviously written by lawyers. Definitely slanted to protect WP Engine backside. Hosting plans do come with preset package limits.

“Overages may apply if your use of the Services exceeds your plan limits (e.g. exceeding the number of monthly visitors). Additionally, we may adjust the Fees if there is a change to the configuration your sites or your use of the Services (including changes to CPU or RAM consumption, cacheability, bandwidth, visitors, or transfer).”


Service Level Agreement (SLA)

“WP Engine will provide service availability of 99.95% calculated on a calendar month basis. Customer will receive a credit of five percent (5%) of Customer’s monthly fee for each hour in which we fail to meet the Service Availability for such month.

In order to receive SLA Credits, Customer must make a request in writing to WP Engine via Support or to Customer’s account manager (if applicable) within 30 days of the event giving rise to such SLA Credits.”


Acceptable Use Policy (AuP)

“Overburdening Resources; Overuse. You may not overburden the Services. You may not place excessive burdens on our, or the providers of Third Party Services’, CPUs, servers or other resources or interfere with the services we provide to other customers.

You may not use excessive bandwidth or data transfer. If your Services are unmetered, and your use of them exceeds the use of the Services by similarly situated customers, we may offer to move you to a metered plan. If you refuse to move to a metered plan, we may place restrictions on your use of the Services until your use corresponds with that of similarly situated customers.

If the Order sets out an amount of data transfer or number of visitors, you agree not to exceed this amount. If you do, and we choose not to limit your use of the Services, your data transfer or visitors over the contracted amount will be billed at our then-current rate.”


Additional Information & Features

Site Migration: DIY although they say “Within the WP Engine User Portal you’ll find access to our Migration Checklist. This checklist provides a guided navigation through the entire process of migrating your site to our platform”

Guarantee: Risk Free For 60 days. If you're not completely happy with the platform, you can cancel within 60 days and get a full refund.

Control Panel: WP Engine User Portal

Script Installer: Script pre-installed

Customer Support: Leaves something to be desired. Presently 8am to 8 pm Central time but they are promising to continue expanding the hours until it is 24/7. WP Engine does have a very comprehensive support wiki as well as very active blog.

Extra’s: They have numerous but one cool feature is their staging area. Need to test out a new plugin or install a new theme? Don’t want to screw up your existing site? With one click, set up a clean copy of your site that you can then do whatever you want with. No more breaking your site or having to manage multiple sites just to test-drive a new plugin or theme.. except some people (and WP Engine) have stated that while the cache method used by WP Engine gives great performance, it may also prevent cookies or sessions working as you expect on their servers.

Extra’s Not Allowed: WP Engine forbids a relative handful of plugins that researchers may want to be aware of. Most fall into a couple different classes. First, are the ones that are banned because they collide with the solutions put into place as part of the service offerings...Caching & Backup plugins. Then there’s Server & MySQL Thrashing Plugins, Related Post Plugins, Email Plugins, etc, disallowed because they cause a high load on our servers or create an unnatural number of MySQL queries.

There are over 36,000 plugins in the WordPress plugin repository so while the prohibited list is quite short, potential users should check if any must have plugins have made the list.

Payment Options: I’m guessing Credit Card and PayPal are at least two forms of payment accepted. (editor’s note.. I could explain why ‘I’m guessing’ but that may taint the reader’s perspective. So I’ll leave you guessing why the editor is guessing!)

Loyalty Plan: Does not appear to be beyond a standard discount for paying annually rather than monthly.

Community: Where in the world is WP Engine? Quicker to ask where they are not! WP Engine attends, speak at, and sponsor events and conferences around the globe. Community involvement is core to their company values.
Resources: The WP Engine Support Garage is a very comprehensive knowledgebase and article wiki that encompasses just about everything wordpress. As well, WP Engine has a very active company blog.

On Twitter: @wpengine

WP Engine reviews:


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