Australian Web Host Crucial Acquires AVS Networks

Tue, 3rd February 2015, 19:58

Sydney-based web hosting provider Crucial has acquired Sydney domain hosting and registration firm AVS Networks. Under the agreement, AVS Networks customers are expected to be migrated to Crucial’s servers this month. (February 2015). Crucial CEO Ijan Kruizinga says a detailed migration plan has been developed to ensure that all services are transferred to Crucial with no disruption to customers.

A message from Nigel Burke, founder of AVS Network is now posted on the AVS homepage stating:

After helping businesses get online for the last 17 years, we have chosen to merge with Crucial to provide a higher quality of service.

AVS Networks has been a fantastic experience for me. For nearly two decades I have dedicated my life to growing AVS, helping Australian businesses get online and connect with thousands of customers.

Recently, Australian hosting provider Crucial showed interest in acquiring AVS Networks. Their interest in AVS Networks was validation for what AVS has achieved thanks to your support, and is something we can be proud about. After discussions in late 2014 and early 2015, the decision was made to accept the offer.

As part of the acquisition, all customers will be moved to Crucial’s state-of-the-art infrastructure, hosted in Sydney. It’s with great pleasure that I can announce that I'll also be joining the team at Crucial and will continue to serve you under the Crucial brand.

I'm extremely happy about where we’ve taken AVS Networks and the milestones made along the way. I’m excited to continue working with you and trust everyone will enjoy the improved service levels with Crucial as we continue to provide for all of your hosting needs.

Last year Crucial CEO Ijan Kruizinga mused in a blog post that the web hosting industry has been consolidating for years but 2013 saw what he believed to be a few key acquisitions both locally and globally. Citing Internap’s acquisition of iWeb, IBM taking over Softlayer, and fellow Australian UberGlobal completing its acquisition of iLisys and Smartyhost, Kruizinga said “There are couple reasons you may want to consolidate, you may want to build critical mass to your revenue, you may be after a certain technology that a competitor has or you want to increase your customer numbers.”

And Kruizinga is correct. From a corporate perspective, acquisitions do allows corporate entities to achieve goals and open up new markets that traditionally they couldn’t reach or penetrate hard enough without expending considerable time and money.

Which may be fine and dandy for those corporate suit types but questions remains on whether that web hosting consolidation trend produce similar advantages for end users and consumers.

Many of the webhosting acquisitions we’ve written about on HostJury were inevitable. Some companies formed by youthful tech enthusiasts blossomed and morphed into monsters beyond their skills and ability to manage. Others fashioned like a pyramid scheme, were train wrecks waiting to happen. As noted by Kruizinga, some are merely marriages of convenience that allow companies to achieve their goals quicker. Sometimes acquisitions can be inevitable and advantageous. Then there are the mega-host acquisitions monopolizing the webhosting industry.

Crucial CEO Ijan Kruizinga ends his post on acquisitions with an observation..

So what is the answer for hosting companies that want to continue to grow and thrive? That’s the billion dollar question and I believe the answer lays within the application and customer support layer. The reality is that more than ever before the world is being advanced by the consumer and what they want and need not the underlying technology, infrastructure or the details that only 20% of people actually care about.

Our sentiments exactly. As always, HostJury allows the consumer to share their web hosting experiences!

All AVS Networks customers will receive emails regarding the changes and improvements being made to their services.

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