NetHosting seeking 'king of the budget hosts' mantle

Wed, 1st July 2015, 13:00

Utah based NetHosting is undoubtedly looking to augment their share of the budget priced shared hosting market by announcing new monthly rates for shared hosting along with a no renewal price hike policy. Many hosting providers offer low introductory price then increase the monthly rate upon renewal. NetHosting is raising the ante saying "customers will enjoy their low price for a minimum of 6 years".

Adam Sorenson, Online Marketing Manager at NetHosting says

Our customers stay with us because they love the quality of our service. We’re saying thanks for more than ten years of loyalty and for growing their websites with us.

The new monthly rate for shared hosting services with NetHosting, including all features, has been reduced to $3.95 per month. Over a 6 year term, NetHosting’s low price guarantee can save you nearly $300 over well-known competitors. (editor’s note: can we all say BlueHost.. how about HostGator… or any number of mega host Endurance's other brands)

NetHosting also offers other great features with shared hosting including 100% guaranteed uptime, free instant setup, 24/7 support, and more.

Not unlike the ridiculously low monthly pricing offered by its EIG competitors, NetHosting does require upfront payment for a longer fixed term to take advantage of the reduced rate for shared hosting currently featured on NetHosting’s recently redesigned homepage. The $3.95 per month rate requires a three year contract, setting a person back $142.20. One and two annual contracts are available… 1 year is $71.40, 2 is $118.20.

As mentioned prior, what differentiates NetHosting policy from many others is that pricing is locked for six years rather than "renewing at the regular monthly rate”. Whether new low monthly price, no renewal price hikes, and all the features needed to get a website online are enough to make NetHosting the leader in affordable web hosting is open to subjective opinion (HostJury give you the ability to recommend and review your web hosting provider to other users and to share your real hosting reviews). Whether EIG is willing to roll over and play dead is a whole nother story.



NetHosting is a web hosting industry leader headquartered in Orem, Utah. For nearly twenty years, NetHosting has offered customers the best hosting services available housed within a state-of-the-art PCI certified data center. Products include Shared, VPS, Windows, and Dedicated Hosting with 100% uptime and now no renewal price hikes.

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