Drastic action or market ploy. "GoDaddy bails out Greek customers”

Wed, 8th July 2015, 14:15

At least one news outlet (and a host of news scrapers) are trumpeting “Web hosting company takes drastic action, bails out Greek customers”. The article then reports that GoDaddy has started manually renewing its Greek customers free of charge.

While there doesn’t appear to be any blog posts or press releases from GoDaddy confirming this story, the idea itself would be in keeping with GoDaddy’s past modus operandi of marketing genius… making lemonade out of controversies or even thin air.

Under CEO Blake Irving’s direction, GoDaddy has distanced itself from the conversations fueled by tacky adverts, fast cars, and safaris, focusing instead on marketing itself as a necessity for small and medium sized businesses. Except, this generally makes for boring conversations around water cooler.

With media focus spotlighting the Greece Circus and the increasingly difficult plight faced by Greek SMB and micro-enterprises struggling to continue operations in an environment populated by banker with short arms and deep pockets, ensuring customers remain customers during the upheaval is good business sense. Stimulating buzz, corporate goodwill, and generosity towards your target SMB market is an added bonus.

Still goodwill does have limits. Only subscriptions with auto-renewal will be extended to ensure those Greek customers remain online and continue getting customers through their virtual storefronts.

Given the outlook in Greece, the next headline may well read “ “Web hosting company now accepts alternative currency from Greek customers.