MediaTemple launches AWS based cloud hosting

Wed, 8th July 2015, 18:41

Media Temple (MT) has announced the launch of its new managed cloud hosting solution for customers utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS). An unlikely coupling maybe… Media Temple suggests their mission has always been to help customers focus on running their business – rather than managing their servers.

“Backed by 24/7 white glove customer support, our new managed cloud hosting services take care of repeatable SysOps-like services for our customers. That way, they can cost-effectively leverage the flexibility and scalability of AWS without having to source these services (internally or externally) and spend more time on scaling their business.

The services provided by our team of certified cloud engineers to creative agencies, web developers, content providers, SaaS and/or enterprise businesses range from architecting a brand new autoscaling environment on AWS and migrating websites and apps to AWS, to managing an existing environment already on AWS”.

After launching a pilot program and conducting extensive market research, Media Temple decided partnering with AWS rather than develop its own cloud-based managed hosting service was the logical direction .

Brendan Fortune, Media Temple’s Product Director, Cloud Solutions:

We decided to put our efforts into building and managing the solutions that would deliver the most value to customers who need auto-scaling for high-traffic web apps and sites – rather than focusing exclusively on the hosting building blocks (which AWS has been providing since its launch in 2006).

Customers were interested in high availability, pay-as-you-go billing, and treating infrastructure as code (DevOps), but they also lacked the cloud architecture expertise to fully unleash the power of the AWS Cloud. After working with each of them to turn AWS’ building blocks into the hosting solution they really needed, it was a no-brainer for us to focus on providing premium managed cloud hosting services and step in as our customers’ Cloud Architects and SysAdmins.

Media Temple has bundled together four plans with gradually enhanced features. The Essential plan starting at $199 per month, Advanced ($399), Premium ($799), and the Executive plan which comes with 15 minute phone responses and a $1599 price tag (yes that is per month).

Okay these plans do come with more than just phone support… a whole lot more. But the prices are exclusive of AWS costs. Due to Amazon’s pay-as-you-go business model and the custom nature of most cloud projects, Media Temple felt it did not make sense to bundle costs together.

So just who is the ideal customers for Media Temple’s new managed cloud service? The company says that while there is wide range of uses for the cloud, in general, and managed services on top, customers interested in embracing a highly available, pay-as-you-go infrastructure for large-scale projects, such as an international advertising campaign, will see the most benefit. Media Temple says it also had a lot of success working with tech-savvy customers interested in improving their DevOps so that deploying code and infrastructure becomes a job of minutes instead of hours.

If you’re still unsure, Media Temple cloud engineers can help businesses identify the services you need (for free) and determine whether or not this service is a good fit for you needs.


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