Onset of Rigor-Mortis is a Telltale Sign. Another WebHost Deadpool.

Fri, 11th December 2015, 18:04

As we scramble towards the end of an eventful 2015, it’s time for one last Deadpool... or maybe even two! These unlucky 13 providers couldn’t quite stay above water through to New Year’s, so all of their clients have the pleasure of buying themselves more reliable hosting for the holidays. Our advice: don’t trust that Santa guy. He’s a classic fly-by-night provider.


And now, for the dead:

Fully Managed Clouds

Fully Managed Clouds has bit the dust, and their domain has been redirected to a pleasing array of Vietnamese ads. Potentially one advertising a dating service? And you thought cloud hosting wasn’t intimate enough. So if you’re feeling blue over losing your hosting provider and need someone to vent to over some pho, Fully Managed Clouds can still help!

Carbon Host

Carbon Host’s profile on HostJury promises information coming soon. Is that so, Carbon Host? Because with a website reduced to a little nub index, we’re pretty sure there’s not much forthcoming. So long!


Yes, Brohoster has gone belly up, and even their domain is for sale. But let’s focus on the meeting of the minds that must have been the conversation where they picked its name.
“Bro, what are we going to name our hosting business?”
“…bro, are you thinking what I’m thinking?”
“Bro… I think I am.”

Albergue da Web

A Brazilian hosting provider named after parochial hostels used by pilgrims. That’s the most interesting fact we can share with you about Albergue da Web. The second most interesting thing is that ‘Albergue da Web’ sounds like some kind of made up Spanish inventor. The third is that the company is well and truly dead.


YourHostingPro now redirects to Skorit Systems, but not even their web page is configured yet. Don’t presume to be my Hosting Pro, guy. At least not until you get your stuff together.

Acme Hosting

In a shocking turn of events, an Acme product has completely backfired on its users.


To be applauded for graduating from being a NoviceHost, alas, with this untimely death an ExpertHost it shall never be.


AxoHost’s website has imploded alongside its service. One might say it’s been axed, if one were just an awful, awful person.


With the fall of Databloc, it would appear that Datanato has uncontested dominance over digital Europe. We should always note that the deadpool is meant to be a somber occasion, especially for a decade and a half old company like Databloc. But taglines like “Databloc is 100% financially independent and are here to stay!” make that really hard, so dry your eyes and get a laugh or two in.


VPSdatabase bragged BULLETPROOF hosting in their HostJury profile, and so by the looks of their current state it would appear someone came at their servers with a knife. Next!


Bit-Flux is the name of a now-defunct hosting provider, but in the grim darkness of the far future, it will refer to some kind of android-only wasting disease. So don’t complain about losing your website, because you could be vomiting nanomachines or something like that, and doesn’t that sound worse?


To this day FusionHost is staying true to their quality commitments: 99.9% uptime, 100% of the time, 0% of the time.

That’s it for 2015. Congrats to all the survivors, and remember: read the reviews before picking a hosting provider, or forever be cursed with the sudden and thoroughly unpleasant bit flux!

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