Real Confidence Builder: cPanel Hacked Again

Fri, 29th January 2016, 18:11

For what seems like the ump-teenth time, web host control panel favorite cPanel has sent a dear john letter to customers letting them know that the data entrusted to cPanel is safe but in a move that's akin to closing the gate after the horse escaped, they're changing your password.. just incase even though your data is safe!

cPanel's Aaron Stone writes:

I am writing to let you know that one of our user databases may have been breached. Although we successfully interrupted the breach, it is still possible that user contact information may have been susceptible.

The customer contact information that may have been susceptible is limited to names, contact information, and encrypted (and salted) passwords. Please note that our credit card information is stored in a separate system designed for credit card storage and is not impacted by this possible breach.

Although current passwords are stored salted and encrypted, we are accelerating our move to stronger password encryption at the same time in order to minimize disruption. In order to safeguard the system, we will force all users with older password encryption to change their passwords.

It is important to highlight that this incident was not related to cPanel products or the Targeted Security Release published on January 18th.

While the hack itself will have no impact on the average hosting client, it doesn’t exactly instill confidence when the developer of one of the most widely used control panel in the hosting industry can’t keep the nefarious types out of their own servers. On the bright side, it should be easier for the spammers to contact certain web host with those shared details.


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