EiG brand ApolloHosting morphs into Verio

Sun, 6th March 2016, 15:26

Endurance International Group (EiG) has announced that ApolloHosting, starting February 29 2016 will be rebranded as ‘Verio’. Endurance International Group recently added Verio, an industry-leading provider of online business solutions, to its family of brands.

EiG in the release states that small businesses are what drive the global economy. The release continues:

For several years now, ApolloHosting has been in the process of transforming itself from a web hosting company to a multi-faceted online services provider. Our goal is to give our customers the tools they need to utilize the promise, power and potential of the web, and hosting your website with us is really just the first step.

By combining ApolloHosting with Verio, we're hoping to offer the best of both worlds -- Verio customers can take advantage of the superior web hosting infrastructure currently enjoyed by ApolloHosting customers, and you will be able to leverage the Verio brand as we continue to develop our suite of services to help you succeed online.

We’re not going anywhere. Accounts will continue to be supported by the same team as always (customer support, systems administration, etc.). We'll just be going by a different name from now on.

So beside the name change what can be expected. Well not much aside from a few small changes to the email server. On a positive note there is no disruption in service expected.


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