Aabaco's Small Business Crash: Is Yahoo Cleaning Up Before It's Too Late?

Tue, 15th March 2016, 18:15

Late in November 2015, Yahoo announced that they were phasing out their self hosted Small Business plans in favor of partnering with Aaabaco. Within only a few weeks, HostJury readers filled up Aabaco Small Business’s review page with complaints about the failed migration and poor customer support. We at HostJury immediately noticed the dissent, and decided to contact Yahoo for ourselves to see if some of the problems being reported could be resolved.

HostJury followed up with a Yahoo PR rep to find out if some of the problems being reported had been recognized by Yahoo and were being worked upon. It took a long time to address all of the issues mentioned - there was a bucket list. However, the Yahoo representative did a wonderful job on providing a response on each mentioned issue, letting us know what issues had been resolved and what was being done to resolve the issues that still existed.

One of the biggest complaints we noticed on Aabaco’s Small Business review page was poor uptime. This was most noticeable in the uptime score, which was only a 9 (ouch!). HostJury researched Aabaco’s regular hosting and found that they provide a 99.9% uptime guarantee to Aabaco customers. Of course, we wanted to know if this same guarantee applied to Aabaco Small Business customers as well.

The Yahoo rep passed on the following statement from an Aabaco Small Business spokesperson: “... we continue to stand behind our 99.9% customer website uptime for both web hosting and ecommerce customers’ sites (not including planned maintenance downtimes). Any time our team detects or is notified of an issue, we work quickly to correct it.” So, if you notice your website is down, please immediately make contact with Aabaco’s customer support to report it, and also take note of how long it lasts so you can have your account credited.

A concerning review we noticed on the Aabaco Small Business page concerned the difficulty one HostJury reader had with canceling his account. He complained that Aabaco customer service required he provide his full credit card number in order to cancel his account. We showed this review to Yahoo’s PR representative, and this is the message she had to pass on from Aabaco’s representative: “Asking customers to provide their credit card numbers is no longer our primary identity verification method. Our new sign-in system now allows customers to establish secret questions and answers. Credit card numbers will only be used as a secondary method for customers that did not set up questions and answers.” This was certainly a huge relief to hear. Just make sure you set up those secret questions and answers, and you’ll be good to go if you decide to cancel in the future! No credit card numbers necessary!

Probably the biggest complaint of all among HostJury users was the long time Aabaco’s customer service took to respond to their opened support tickets. For this particular issue, we at HostJury suggested that Aabaco start implementing a customer based support forum to help cover issues that other more experienced customers can help with, without any input from official customer support. The Aabaco Small Business representative had this to say: “In addition to staffing up back in December to provide additional Customer Care resources to our customers, we will also soon be announcing new channels for customers to interact with our Customer Care team. Additional details will be available soon.” Hopefully part of this will include live help without much of a wait time… and maybe, just maybe? That customer based support forum we suggested!

In conclusion, it seems that Aabaco is aware of many of the issues present in the Yahoo Small Business to Aabaco Small Business transition, and is working to remedy them. There also are some helpful tools available to Aabaco Small Business customers that could be made more obvious on the Aabaco Small Business website, such as their system status pages. With a little patience and time on their side, hopefully Aabaco will be able to turn Yahoo Small Business around to once again meet the kinds of webhosting standards Yahoo Small Business’ long time loyal customers have come to know and love.

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