UK Budget Hoster Dataflame Acquired By VidaHost

Tue, 12th April 2016, 10:33

Dataflame has emailed clients announcing that the company is being migrated to Vidahost.  Details of the deal have not been disclosed although some of the announcement almost makes it sound like clients will be relieved. 

Duncan Knapper, along with his partner Kerry founded the Dataflame brand in 2001 and states that since then has been going from strength to strength.

I've taken it from a startup to an established and thriving business, surviving the 2008 financial crash and witnessing huge changes and growth in the internet. I've seen tens of thousands of businesses get online with Dataflame. However I've now decided that it's time to take a step back and have made what I think is an excellent decision for Dataflame customers.

To take Dataflame to the next level, I've decided to pass on the Dataflame business to Vidahost, another UK hosting company. Like us, they pride themselves on offering excellent technical hosting backed by super high quality support. Vidahost are going to take over the day to day running of Dataflame with immediate effect.

The announcement states that Vidahost won't be making any drastic or sweeping changes to the existing structure. Hosting plans and pricing will not change at “any point now or in the future”.

Vidahost expects to physically migrate the Dataflame servers from the current data centre in Maidenhead to their own facility in Slough. Vidahost say that even though this is a small distance physically, the data centers are worlds apart in terms of infrastructure and capacity. Dataflame will have approximately 50x as much available bandwidth after the move. There is expected to be a short period of downtime, overnight, while the migration takes place (editor’s note: I recall a similar story about a host in California moving servers ‘down the street’ in the middle of the night. LA traffic is a nightmare regardless of the hour and so was the fallout over the downtime!).

Vidahost will also be migrating client account into their billing platform which is expected to give access to new payment methods, new domain names (TLDs), new products and features. Clients will have the option of switching to a Vidahost plan “but at no point will this be compulsory and you can stay on your current package forever if you prefer”.

Dataflame clients will see the following improvements immediately:

  • As well as emailing or using live chat, you can now raise support requests directly through your online account at When you do this, the support request is automatically attached to your account and you are automatically verified which will reduce the amount of back/forth with the support agent. You also have the option to choose the service that your support request relates to. They will also be offering telephone support.
  • Vidahost support team will respond to queries and are happy to go "above and beyond" to help a customer with almost any issue.
  • Servers will be monitored more intensively and even the most minor of issues will hopefully be resolved before client even become aware of an issue.


About VidaHost

UK hosting company Vidahost supplies excellent hosting services to suit all requirements. Vidahost have simple pricing and friendly, free UK support 365 days of the year.

Over a decade on from where it all started, Vidahost's focus remains the same: we strive to keep you as a customer for life by providing a brilliantly simple, fast and reliable service – all backed up with our friendly and knowledgeable support.


About Dataflame

We are a Privately Owned Company, which has allowed us to keep the personal approach and support to our clients, that many larger companies can no longer offer. In this time we have become one of the most trusted names in UK Management and Hosting, which is something we are very proud, and more importantly, very keen to continue. We offer true 24 hours a day, 7 days a week Technical support ( even on Christmas Day ), so you know that we are always here to help. We specialize in managing bespoke systems, ranging from busy Blog's, to very large eCommerce solutions for very large clients. Nothing is too 'small' or too 'large'.

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