Liquid Web says hasta la vista to shared hosting clients

Thu, 25th August 2016, 18:03

In what must seem like a game of musical chairs for the hosting clients, mere days after the announcement that Rackspace was offloading its 'Cloud Sites' hosting segment to Liquid Web, Liquid Web is offloading its shared hosting segment to Deluxe Hosting.

Liquid Web Ceo Jim Geiger says that the decision to discontinue offering Shared Hosting and focus on offering products and services designed for those sites and store owners with more complex requirements was made in April. Geiger went on to say:

We’ve decided to sell our Shared hosting platform to Deluxe Hosting, a division of Deluxe Small Business. Deluxe has been and continues to be a true leader in the shared hosting platform and their team has worked tirelessly over the past 18 years perfecting shared hosting. While this was a tough decision, because we love all of our customers and appreciate their loyalty and dedication to Liquid Web, it was the right decision.

This sale and move away from Shared Hosting allows us to invest additional resources in creating innovative products powered by our stellar customer service designed to better meet the needs of professionals solely reliant on the web. The web hosting industry has been too focused on competing on price to win customers often at the expense of performance and customer service. Liquid Web is committed to shifting this paradigm and investing in the next-generation of hosting solutions designed to propel our customers to utilize the web and cloud as a business accelerator.

While it seems that Liquid Web is pursuing clients in greener pastures (editor’s note: green as in ‘show me the green’ greener), Deluxe Hosting is sticking with its bread and butter offering saying:

Deluxe Hosting has remained a steadfast leader in the shared hosting environment. For over 18 years the Deluxe Hosting management team has worked tirelessly to perfect optimized hosting.

Deluxe Hosting says that it is working closely with Liquid Web to ensure this transition moves as smoothly as possible and in the short term former Liquid Web clients will notice few changes other than a new client area and telephone support numbers, and support email addresses.

While both companies claim they are working to ensure a smooth transition, Liquid Web clients have been told they have less than a month (until Sept 15) to print all past invoices. Access to the the repository of past support tickets is even less and only available until "late this month". (editor’s note: it was already late this month when the announcement was made!) Liquid Web Ceo Jim Geiger stated that it was their goal to deliver the best experience in the hosting industry and earn their vision to be the world’s most-loved hosting provider. I’m not so sure the former shared hosting clients will feel the love come tax time looking for their purged invoices!


About Deluxe Hosting

Deluxe Hosting exists to help clients maximize their online potential by leveraging the most advanced internet services and tailoring them to each client's unique needs. Deluxe Hosting offers a full spectrum of solutions, including shared cPanel based hosting services for a truly scalable infrastructure to grow with your business. Each of our hosting services are built on solid state drives for maximized speed, storage, and security. Deluxe Hosting is commited to providing high end hosting matched with high end support. Deluxe Hosting is owned by Deluxe Corporation. Other web hosting brands owned by Deluxe Corporation includes and Hostopia.


About Liquid Web

At Liquid Web, we pride ourselves on the simple offer of great customer service, happy to take ownership of any question you have at any time you might have it. When you become a client, you become part of our team. At Liquid Web, we have a long-standing reputation for industry-leading, onsite, 24/7/365 Heroic Support®. Our support team is the backbone of our company and transparency is our Heroic Promise. Every month, we publish our support statistics so you can see exactly how fast we’re responding to tickets and taking phone calls. We’re located on-site at each of our data centers, ensuring the fastest service available. Formed in August of 1997.

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