DreamHost Launches Automated Malware Remover & Improved Email Service

Thu, 29th September 2016, 11:08

DreamHost has announced a couple of new innovative ideas designed to make their clients life easier.

The first is the introduction of an inexpensive security scanning service to its suite of managed hosting options. Once enabled, DreamHost's Malware Remover scans selected customer domains on a weekly basis to identify and neutralize malicious code. Users receive emailed reports of potential problems, while malware and permissions-based issues will be repaired automatically. Because web apps are only as secure as their latest update, DreamHost's Malware Remover will also scan commonly-installed apps to inform users when they've fallen out of date.

Developed in-house by DreamHost's own security team, DreamHost's Malware Remover is a mature version of an internal tool used for years at DreamHost. It brings with it over a decade of experience "in the field" and exposure to all manner of badware that one might expect to find across a customer base of over 400,000.

Marcus Hildum, DreamHost's Director of Security says

We're happy to finally take the wraps off of our Malware Remover. It's the same basic tool we've been using and improving regularly for the better part of the last decade, and we're excited to get this polished version into the hands of our customers. We've put a lot of work into building it up and improving the overall user experience because our users deserve to have a tool this powerful at their disposal.

DreamHost's Malware Remover is available as an add-on option to any and all domains hosted on its managed hosting platform. The press release goes on to say that pricing is a flat $1.50 per domain per month, “but the peace-of-mind and associated warm feeling in customers' chests? Priceless”.

DreamHost has also announced that it will be providing an improved email experience for all customers by partnering with atmail and Vade Secure to deliver a comprehensive email platform. (editor's note: The headline says ALL customers but the body of text says ‘users of its managed hosting service’. Guess we’ll send off an email seeking clarification on which it is!)

DreamHost has partnered with atmail to provide a world-class ad-free webmail experience that keeps full control of its users' email within their DreamHost accounts – without having to export their data to a third party.

“atmail brings a supremely powerful, lightning-fast, web-based mail client with a strong focus on the user experience. Wrapping an intuitive user interface around a comprehensive email client with simple drag-and-drop file management, using email has never been easier for DreamHost customers.”

DreamHost customers preferring open source webmail clients such as SquirrelMail and Roundcube are free to download, install, and continue using them as they wish although they are no longer included by default in DreamHost accounts.

DreamHost has also engaged with Vade Secure to seamlessly deploy their advanced mail filtering and classification system for all email users. Vade Secure analyzes incoming email to filter out spam, scam messages, phishing attempts, viruses, and Trojan horses from customer inboxes. It instantly classifies graymail (newsletters, commercial email, and social network notifications) for easy filtering.

Vade Secure integrates directly with traditional email clients and with atmail's web-based offering, ensuring a consistent, clean inbox experience across platforms.