Web Week Promo: Get 5 Months Free on WP Engine. Huge Savings on StudioPress

Sat, 21st December 2019, 13:32

December is one of the most wonderful times of the year. So full of fun events, Holiday Cheer, time off work and school, and lots of great times spent with family! Of course having National days like National Mutt Day (Dec 2nd), cookie day, Mudd day, bathtub party day, National Underdog Day, and a bunch of others doesn’t hurt either. Yes the biggest day is still Christmas but for retailers, that’s just giving people a break to rest up for boxing day! The month kicks with turkey and ends with a party. The hangover doesn’t even come till next year. (editor’s note: what happens at the office party stays at the office party!) Yes, December is indeed the best time of the year!

With people so distracted it's no wonder the marketing gurus need to come up with new ingenious ways to vie for our attention. We’ve likely had national re-gifting day for as long as we’ve had boxing day (got to get rid of the poor maligned and rejected fruit cake somehow!). So with Cyber Monday firmly entrenched into the National consciousness, the spin gurus are looking to work that same magic with their latest slogan “Web Week”

Whether Web Week will become a mainstay part of our cultural fabric like mom and apple pie (National apple pie day is December 3rd) is still open to debate but it’s one for 'we the people' to decide. Web Week is being touted as the week between Christmas and New Year, but as always, some just can’t wait till Christmas to open the presents! So don’t shoot the messenger as we’re just posting them as they come, but HostJury is kicking off the upcoming Web Week promotion with a couple of special offers.

Managed Wordpress hoster WP Engine, which claims to be the place that allows you to “bring your vision to life in breakthrough experiences, built on the best platform for developing and hosting fast, reliable, and secure WordPress sites”, is giving away 5 months FREE on any annual shared plan at WP Engine.

  • Use Coupon Code: WEBWEEK2019 when checking out
  • Dates Valid: Friday, December 20, 2019 - Friday, January 3, 2020
  • Restrictions: Offer valid for new customers purchasing any Startup, Growth, or Scale plan. Not valid for existing customers, upgrades, or any other product purchase.

 Click on the banner to learn more: 

WP Engine Web Week Promotion - 5 months free on annual shared plans. Active 12/20 - 1/3” border=

StudioPress is offering $100 off the StudioPress Pro-Plus All Theme Package — which includes every single theme they make, now and in the future, plus 29 third-party themes. You pay just:   $499.95  $399.96 for a savings of over $2,300 if you purchased everything separately!  With the discounted purchase of the Pro Plus Package you receive support and updates for all themes created by StudioPress, as well as additional themes created by 3rd-party developers.*

  • Coupon Code: No code required
  • Dates Valid: Friday, December 20, 2019 - Friday, January 3, 2020.
  • Save $2,300: That's how much it would cost to buy each theme in Pro Plus individually.
  • Restrictions: Discount applies to Pro-Plus only, not applicable to individual themes.

*Support for themes from third-party designers is not included in the Pro Plus Package — because we don't make those. Support for 3rd-party themes will be delivered by the developer. Third-party themes are clearly marked on the themes page. Click on the banner to learn more:

Pro Plus All-Theme Package Active 12/20 - 1/3” border=

Disclaimers are silly, right?

As always, HostJury recommend that while price may be one consideration when choosing a web host, it should only be one of the many factored into your research. Page load speeds, additional features, good communication, and a fast knowledgeable support team will always top saving a few cents per day... or in this case, a few bucks! As always, HostJury makes no recommendation or endorsement of any listed service providers. Web hosts are always presented in no particular order. You are encouraged to practice due diligence.. and at some point leave a review of the services provided.

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