Arch Hosting End Of Life Special

Sat, 28th December 2019, 18:24

Arch Hosting or ArchHosting as they like to be called, has come out with their biggest special yet! In the past, Arch has done various promotional offerings that advertised lifetime specials that had stipulations such as ‘for a limited time only”. 

Well the latest announcement from Arch Hosting puts that ‘limited time’ fineprint in a whole new context.

"It is with deepest apologies and regret, that Arch Hosting LLC will be closing down on the 10th of January, 2020. Due to unforeseen circumstances we are no longer able to continue operations. To ensure that there is minimal impact on your website, we have managed to secure a refugee arrangement with a reputable provider. Shock Hosting has agreed to provide special pricing and honor existing expiration dates on all paid hosting services and domains"

The term ‘unforeseen circumstances’ could be interpreted in numerous ways and mean many things. It opens up a world of conjecture that could cause one to surmise a report based on speculation rather than facts!

Possibly Arch Hosting’s business model of lifetime hosting plans for ridiculous low prices was premised on the chance of realizing large gains in profit from changes in the market price that failed to transpire. Or possibly Arch failed to anticipate cPanel recent announcement that they would only offer its licenses on a per account basis henceforth gouging all the webhosts after firmly establishing themselves as the control panel of choice. But yeah, that’s mostly just speculation on the writer’s part!

 Tweet by Arch expressing shock at cPanel price increases

Whatever the circumstances, the Shock Hosting refugee arrangement honor existing expiration dates doesn’t appear to extend to the lifetime deal ones according to a couple of complainants! Amazing companies we find in the world of web hosting. Choose wisely and read the reviews!