Horrible web hosting providers reviewed

Fri, 30th November 2007, 17:13

It's been an awful long time since we had our 'bottom 5 web hosting providers' list on the frontpage of the site. We removed it from the site a number of months ago after asking ourselves who really wants to see the worst web hosting providers!

Please note that the data below is based entirely off the user submitted reviews on HostJury. All scores reflect those reviews submitted from previous or existing clients of each company. If you feel your company may be listed here in error, talk to your clients, not us!

From top to bottom, up first:


Hostupon reviews

HostUpon deserves an applause, they're the second lowest company on our list of reviewed hosts. In fact they've scored a zero for support and uptime, features and price follow closely. The company is listed as getting awards on several other review sites: We can't imagine why. Good grief, the editors there must be sadomassochists!

Hostupon Review Score: 0% -- Kudos, if this were golf.


Vizaweb Reviews

Up next we've got Vizaweb, founded in 2002. Since 2002 Vizaweb (at least from what we can gander based on the score) has been sucking like a Hoover. Sadly, this is the web hosting industry & not home appliances. If it were though, these folks would be in the lead! Based on their reviews we're lead to believe they've been going down more often than Paris Hilton.

But I suppose if you like it on the bottom..
Vizaweb Review Score: 7% -- At least they've got a lucky number!


Serverway Reviews

There isn't much to say about Serverway, customers had an awful lot to say though: Serverway reviews I'd go into great lengths about their reviews given the widespread abuse their own clients are giving them but since Serverway recently let their own domain name expire, I don't think they care much.

Serverway Review Score: 12% -- Finally, we're getting somewhere!

GISOL - Global Internet Solutions

GISOL Reviews

Uh oh. Founded in 1998, Global Internet Solutions has grown to become a leader in the web hosting industry. Our mission is to offer customers industry-leading Web hosting services and tools, coupled with superior customer support - at an affordable price. With a mission statement like that, who can go wrong?

GISOL can go wrong. Their customers on our review boards have described their service as "painful", "poor" and "horrible". Another client goes as far as detailing information about their 300+ Better Business Bureau complaints, that's satisfaction I tell ya!

GISOL Review Score: 12% -- With a 0% score for support, oops.


Greenlush Reviews

Founded in 2007, Greenlush originally began their start as a cPanel web hosting provider. Within days of their humble beginnings they were already posting fake reviews here on HostJury regarding their own services. That's not very nice!

Despite their fraudulent past though they decided to shutdown their web hosting operation a few weeks later & converted their site into a web hosting news portal. Bravo, one down.. Their clients didn't get out of it so easy though with the large majority losing their prepaid fees in the process.

Greenlush Review Score: 17% -- At least they gave up on web hosting.

AIT - Advanced Internet Technologies

AIT Reviews

AIT started off as an excellent provider, according to a number of the reviews posted by their clients here on HostJury. Since their humble beginnings providing service though they've degraded. I suspect somewhere along the line, their company outgrew it's team, outsourced or was sold off.

Sure enough though despite AIT ranking in as one of the bottom 5 hosting companies here at HostJury, their site is covered in awards ranging from 'Top Dedicated Host' to Best Reseller hosting. Award sites like HostReview and WebHost Directory are beginning to show their true colors -- they rate some of the worst the best!

"Seems like they hire warm bodies off the street with little or no training. Putting in trouble tickets with AIT has become part of the weekly routine. Watch out for extra charges in the fine print if you cancel, you will be obligated to pay another 6 months hosting fees even after you leave."

AIT Review Score: 17% -- Top Reseller Hosting, unlikely!

SmartyHost -- These guys take down under seriously!

SmartyHost Reviews

I'm one of those sort of people that simply expect anyone with a British or Australian accent to be intelligent, it's a flaw of us North Americans. In this case though the scores say otherwise. SmartyHost has been dragged through the mud here on HostJury by their own clients with statements like "Their support is pathetic" and over 25 other reviews agree.

"SmartyHost is great.. until something goes wrong. Personally, I still like them though because they have those hot, sexy Australian accents. Oh, did I say that outloud?

SmartyHost Review Score: Sweet 17% -- Fresh, hot Australians ready to suck... at web hosting.


ByteFortress Reviews

After leaving hundreds of users in the dark & disappearing without a trace there isn't much that can be said about ByteFortress. They're joined by unscrupulous other providers on the bottom of our list but this company really takes the cake. Not only did they disappear high & dry without so much as a peep they blamed it all on their company being sold out.

That's taking care of business!
"They are scam artists, with no integrity or professionalism." Nuff' said, sadly.

ByteFortress clocks in at 20%.

HostOnce -- Not twice.

HostOnce Reviews

HostOnce was originally started in 1997 and seems to do a lot of interesting things outside of annoying their customers. One of the few providers that I've seen offering 'charity' programs to allow you to pay your hosting while helping those with eating disorders, Kudos to them. On the other hand their clients beg to differ regarding anyone getting helped. One client even goes as far as saying "The worst host in the universe", I wonder what other planets he's hosted on. Sadly, from a quick glance at their reviews it looks like HostOnce's support is out of this world. As in, non-responsive and even SETI has given up looking for them.

Their clients say it best:

"Hostonce has got to be the most unreliable hosting provider out there. I spend more time in their support system (when it is available) than I do conducting future business. They have cost me and my clients great financial loss to which they do not seem to care. My advice is steer clear and avoid the nightmare." - DesignWeb

HostOnce Review Score: 20%

VistaPages - Hasta la Vista to your pages.

VistaPages Reviews

Last but certainly not least, we've got VistaPages. VistaPages is the 'top' of the bottom list clocking in just barely ahead of HostOnce. VistaPages was started in 2004 and founded by Kaumil Patel.

"At VistaPages, we understand that our customers' web sites are important and they require reliable services to ensure that service is not interrupted. We have established a solid foundation to offer a reliable, easy to use and low cost web hosting solution for small-to-medium sized businesses."

Somehow, we'd suspect their clients might disagree with that. One review even goes as far as saying their service was "abyssmal":

"I was with Vistapages for a year and although their live support is very good and prices very cheap their actual service was abyssmal with very slow servers and downtime" - Paul Turrall

VistaPages has recently gone as far as requesting to pay us to remove their negative reviews. We didn't adhere, I never did like dead presidents all that much, let alone the ones still living! After we denied their request they threatened to sick their lawyers on us. I suspect we'll see them in court soon because their clients won't stop posting negative reviews :(

VistaPages Review Score: 20%

The end.